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1. Loup & Co Granite Long Scarf ‎for £30.95GBP / 2. Loup & Co Natural Snood for £33.95GBP / 3. Loup & Co Pistachio & Cream Long Scarf for £34.95

I came back to Canberra from Melbourne a few days ago and…. boy, oh, boy… the temperature here has dropped while I was away. It’s time to get out the coats and scarves!

I’m thrilled to introduce to you a brand that I’m really excited about, which is creating ethically-made scarves and helping women in Kenya and Tanzania to exit poverty. Loup & Co follows a 1-for-1 model, under which the purchase of each Loup & Co scarf gives a week of shelter, support and security to a girl in Kenya, via one of Loup & Co’s charity partners, Rafiki Mwema. Rafiki Mwema is a NGO in Kenya, born from the need to provide a therapeutic ‘safe house’ to support young girls who have been sexually abused. Thirty two girls are currently in Rafiki’s care, with another 59 returned home.

Supporting a safe place for vulnerable women is something that I see as very important – the social enterprise I’m involved in, A Beautiful Refuge, exists to partner with, and provide support for A Safe Refuge (which, as the name might indicate, provides a safe refuge for vulnerable women). I must admit though, I am sceptical of some brands that follow a 1-for-1 model if there is no focus on ensuring the products are made ethically. After all, it doesn’t make much sense to create a business model that is structured to help people through the profits from the sales of products, and yet harms people in the very making of those products.  Moreover, I really believe in the importance and the power of a dignified job with a fair wage – people in poverty need a hand up, not a hand out.

That’s why I was thrilled when I saw a page on Loup & Co’s website entitled ‘How it’s made matters’, with the following explanation:

“They are all ethically made, and wherever possible, are made in communities that need a hand-up. Every time you buy from us you provide these women with a steady wage, financial advice & education; meaning they can not only support themselves and their children, but go on to help others in their community too.”

The long scarves are hand-dyed in Kenya by female refugees from the Heishima Kenya Project. The knitted snoods are hand-made in Tanzania by widowed women employed by Loup & Co via Tamiha.

Want even better news? Loup & Co is offering a discount for all One Fair Day readers with the code OFD10 at checkout! It also applies to Loup & Co’s jewellery and bags! And delivery is FREE WORLDWIDE!

Happy shopping, and stay warm!

Yours Fairly



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