So, um, on the risk of making you all feel uncomfortable, I’ve got to share an inevitable truth about breakups. The stuff you bought as a couple… yeah THAT stuff… you’ve gotta split that somehow.

Don’t feel sorry for me. I love shopping. I now have the opportunity to start afresh and add a whole bunch of wonderful ethical pieces into my new home – both furniture and accessories. I’m excited and you should be too. Let’s shop, shall we?

Fair trade homewares

1.  Mint vessels cushion by One Another for $159.00AUD / 2Joyn pillow cover in blue and orange Ikat for $32.00USD / 3. Hanging plant from Etsy for $37.36AUD / 4. Hanging plant from Connected Goods for $42.00USD / 5.   Portrait from Etsy starting from $20.02AUD / 6. Fair Trade woven knitting basket from Connected Goods for $55.00USD / 7. Placemats with indigo stripe from Oxfam for $49.95AUD / 8.  Tabbed landscape serving bowls from Serrv for $38.00USD / 9.  Half Full print from Etsy for $6.42AUD / 10.  Hammered copper pitcher from Serrv for $30.00USD / 11.  Modern azul small alpaca blanket from Greenhearts Shop for $157.97AUD / 12.  Ornate blue mugs from Serrv for $55.00USD / 13.  Triple diamond rug by Coyuchi from $65.00USD 

.  Mint vessels cushion by One Another for $159.00AUD 

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen me discover One Another recently. Their stunning cushions are all handstiched by artisans in India.

Ethical credentials: Made with transparency in a Fair Trade cooperative 

2Joyn pillow cover in blue and orange Ikat for $32.00USD 

The gorgeous Hannah recently shared Joyn on her blog (Lifestyle: Justice) and I’m in love.

Ethical credentials: Handmade with transparency 

3-4. Hanging plant from Etsy for $37.36AUD or from Connected Goods for $42.00USD

I’ve just got to learn how to keep my plants alive.

Ethical credentials: Handmade (3); Fair Trade Federation member (4)

5.   Portrait from Etsy starting from $20.02AUD

There is so much good art on Etsy. This portrait really speaks to me (maybe because the haircut reminds me of my own? ;))

Ethical credentials: Handmade

6. Fair Trade woven knitting basket from Connected Goods for $55.00USD 

At the moment, I am really into the idea of baskets in all rooms – for the living room, to store all these cushions I’m planning on buying; for clothes in the laundry; for extra blankets in the bedroom during winter. There are so many options from Connected Goods and/or from The Little Market. Now I just have to choose colours.

Ethical credentials: Fair Trade Federation member

7. Placemats with indigo stripe from Oxfam for $49.95AUD 

Loving the look of soft placemats to add a warm, earthy touch to the dining table.

Ethical credentials: World Fair Trade Organization      

8.  Tabbed landscape serving bowls from Serrv for $38.00USD 

Again with the muted blues and earthy vibe. These also will solve an ongoing problem of mine – how to pick up the bowls when hot?! Clever, beautiful and ethical tableware.

Ethical credentials: World Fair Trade Organization, Fair Trade Federation member 

9.  Half Full print from Etsy for $6.42AUD 

My philosophy on life. Need this.

Ethical credentials: Handmade

10.  Hammered copper pitcher from Serrv for $30.00USD

I’ve got some old copper pans of my Dad’s and I really love how they look. This jug has great colour, texture and shape.

Ethical credentials: World Fair Trade Organization, Fair Trade Federation member 

11.  Modern azul small alpaca blanket from Greenhearts Shop for $157.97AUD 

This blanket is available in a couple of sizes and lots of colours. Perfect for winter.

Ethical credentials: Fair Trade Federation member

12.  Ornate blue mugs from Serrv for $55.00USD 

Cute, colourful and mismatched mugs are really appealing to me.

Ethical credentials: World Fair Trade Organization; Fair Trade Federation member 

13.  Triple diamond rug by Coyuchi from $65.00USD 

I’ve been on the lookout for a big rug for some time (and you might recall I’ve been eyeing off Armadillo & Co) but recently I’ve become very interested in the idea of layering smaller rugs with similar colours and patterns. I also like the idea of layering clashing colorful rugs in an otherwise neutral room.

Ethical credentials: GOTS certified

Thanks for your patience while I’ve been a bit absent from here lately. I’m looking forward to seeing you around here more often :-)

Yours Fairly



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