You might have seen a photograph of these Fair Naturally products on my Instagram a few months ago.

Well, I’ve been trialling this Fair Naturally Fairtrade Cucumber & Cotton Facial Cleanser and Fair Naturally Cucumber & Cotton Moisturiser (both from  LuxeBC for £4.49) since July and it’s time for a review!

My verdict = great for sensitive skin.




The description on the facial moisturiser is pretty accurate for both the moisturiser and the cleanser: gentle, moisturising, conditioning. Both are quite creamy and very gentle. For the facial cleanser, I felt like I needed to use it twice for a proper cleanse – once to remove my makeup, and once to cleanse my skin…. which actually led to the realisation that this gentle cleanser makes the perfect makeup remover! In fact,  I think I prefer using the cleaner as a makeup remover rather than a facewash.

I also found the moisturiser a little heavy for my skin type (normal).  I stopped using it every night and just used it on evenings when I noticed my skin felt dry – on those occasions, my skin looked amazing when I woke up. So, I think this moisturiser would be a great choice for you if you tend towards dry or sensitive skin.




I’m quite fascinated by the fact that this cleanser and moisturiser contain cotton extract – something I’ve never seen in a beauty product before. I did a bit of research and learned that it’s meant to help soften and soothe skin. Cotton, after all, comes from a plant and the seeds are rich in oils and proteins, which can nourish and provide protection to the epidermis to reduce the irritability of sensitive skin. The oil is also said to improve appearance by accelerating skin regeneration.

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