Image and Content Policy

As One Fair Day is a personal blog, all images and content are created and edited by me (Ashlee!) unless otherwise noted. If would would like to use images or content, I would be grateful if you please credit appropriately, by linking to One Fair Day.

Where images and content are not original, I pay careful attention to link to the appropriate source. If an image is wrongly attributed, or a link is incorrect or expired, please let me know – I will quickly resolve, update, or remove the image or content as requested.

Disclosure Policy

As One Fair Day is a personal blog, all advice is based on my own research and opinions. If you question any content, or have any queries relating to any information I post, please do not hesitate to get in touch. I do my very best to conduct thorough research and present accurate and informative posts on Fairtrade issues and a product’s ethical credentials, within the Fairtrade Spectrum that I have developed. I  encourage you to also conduct your own research before forming an opinion or purchasing a product.

One Fair Day contains Amazon and iHerb.com affiliate links. In other words, if you follow a link to a particular product that I have shared and buy that product, I may make a commission.

All products are purchased at my own expense unless otherwise noted. I will gratefully accept and keep free products, garments, and services from companies and organisations should they align with my values! Where I post about a gifted product, evaluations will remain impartial and opinions will remain my own. Posts containing gifted products will always be identified as such.

Partnering with One Fair Day

I am always thrilled at partnership opportunities. Please note that I will only partner with an organisation, company or designer with transparent supply chains and a demonstrated commitment to fair trade principles.

THANK YOU so much for your readership and your support!

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