The name

As should all good introductions, this introduction starts with the name. When is One Fair Day?

In one sense, one fair day is today. Today, and every other day, counts in shaping our dreams and creating a beautiful life. In other words, each day should be filled with beauty and details that makes us happy. Sometimes this includes buying and owning beautiful things.

In another sense, one fair day is the future day when the world as we know it has been transformed into a just and beautiful world. On that one fair day, all human life and dignity is respected. Our world is without poverty. All human beings have the freedom to pursue their dreams and create a beautiful life, regardless of the circumstances into which they were born.

One Fair Day is a lifestyle blog about my journey towards creating one fair day in both senses of the phrase.

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The aim

I started this blog:

To document my decision to live an ethical lifestyle and learn more about Fairtrade.

To share simple and balanced tips to incorporate items that are Fairtrade or the closest equivalent into your daily life. Yes, you have the power to change the world! And a few small choices really do make the world of difference. No sacrifices involved.

To help navigate the existing Fairtrade market and make Fairtrade style achievable.

To help increase recognition and support for Fairtrade and help increase the availability and variety of fashionable Fairtrade products. Are you interested in helping making this a reality? I’d love to hear from you.

THANK YOU so much for your readership and your support!