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Somewhat belatedly, I’m sharing my two month check-in into my 2018 shopping ban! It’s hard to believe I’m actually very close to being one quarter of the way through my year-long shopping ban. Honestly, since the first month, it’s felt very easy not to shop. It takes 30 days to make or break a habit – in my case, my second hand shopping habit – and I’ve got to say: I’m surprised at how much and how quickly my mindset has shifted.

In this post you’ll find:

  • A refresher on the rules to my shopping ban
  • What I bought in February
  • My thinking around future purchases (including on stuff that broke in February)

Shopping ban february

Not even an Amour Vert lookbook can tempt me

A refresher on the rules to my shopping ban

The main rules of this ban are no clothing and no household items. In addition to being allowed to buy groceries, I also don’t have any restrictions on basic toiletries, basic cleaning products, basic cosmetics and gifts. I’m allowed to buy sporting equipment and replacements for products that become unusable (after an initial assessment about whether I can do without).  I’m also allowed to exhaust a 5 item quota for ‘free purchases’ throughout the year. These can be anything I like, but once I’ve bought five items, I cannot buy anything else.

What I bought in February:

To stay accountable, I’m tracking everything I buy (except groceries) even if it’s allowed.

I still haven’t made any purchases that count towards my 5 item quota.

From my allowed purchases, I bought:

  • 1 x bar of soap
  • 1 x plastic razor :(
  • 1 x tripod fitting
  • 2 x training swimsuits (Kozii – Made in Australia)
  • 2 x gifts (books)

Soap. All items I purchased in February were replacements, bar (excuse the pun) the bar of soap which comes off my ‘generic toiletries’ list. I actually also bought soap in January, but realised it is an exfoliant soap and too rough for daily use. Oops.

Plastic razor. For the replacement items, let’s start with the obvious… What is a plastic razor doing on this purchase list?! Unfortunately, my reusable razor broke when I dropped it this month. I tried unsuccessfully to glue it back together (twice) but it just didn’t hold and it was becoming a little risky. This ended up being a stop-gap purchase because, it being summer in Australia, I wasn’t prepared to wait until a replacement reusable razor arrives from Amazon.

Tripod fitting. In January (while taking photos for the 10×10 wardrobe challenge) I noticed that my tripod was missing the fitting that screws into the base of the camera, connecting it to the tripod. Actually, I think I accidentally sold this fitting attached to a camera I sold last year. In order to avoid precariously balancing my camera on top of the camera, I bought a replacement.

Swimsuits. The other purchase – and the most significant purchase I’ve made this year so far – was two new swimsuits for swimmig training by Kozii (Made in Australia) to replace my training swimsuit that had become very bare, see-through and… unsupportive. In all honesty, I could have gotten away with purchasing one swimsuit only. However, I swim 4 times a week and my swimsuit is frequently still wet from the previous swimming session, so rotating between two swimsuits seemed sensible both from a practical perspective, but also to extend their wear.

Gifts. Lastly, it was my Mum’s and nephew’s birthdays and so I bought them each a book.

My thinking around future purchases (including stuff that broke in February)


The vintage handheld mixer (handed down from my Mum) broke this month


  • Reusable razor.
    Obviously, the demise of my reusable razor means I will need to buy a replacement soon. For now, I’m going to get the full life out of the plastic razor first.
  • Handheld mixer.
    When I first started living on my own 9 years ago, Mum gifted me a bunch of her old kitchenware, including her old handheld mixer. It finally gave up when I was making a cake this month (smoke started coming out of it!). I bake frequently enough to see a need to replace it, hopefully secondhand.
  • iPhone case.
    The cork iPhone case I have had since I first bought my iPhone secondhand last year is falling to pieces and I’ll need a replacement to ensure I don’t prematurely need to replace my phone!
  • Mascara.
    I’m almost out of mascara, which I count as a ‘generic makeup item’.
  • Foundation.
    I’m also almost out of foundation
  • Toothpaste.
    I’m also on my way out of toothpaste. I’m pretty keen to find a zero waste option. Any suggestions?

Five item quota candidates

My five item quota candidates haven’t really changed that much since I first put together my list in January – I’m taking this as a good sign that I’m pretty spot on when it comes to the gaps in my wardrobe and what I really need. The only drawback is that three of the items I want aren’t currently in stock! Ahhh! But hopefully they are each coming back in soon.

  • A pair of winter boots – for casual wear in winter, I wear boots pretty much exclusively. After many months of contemplation, I’ve fixated on the Dari boots by Nisolo. It gets down to zero degrees Celsius and below in Canberra so enclosed footwear is a must, but it doesn’t snow or rain much, so a heeled boot doesn’t present a slip risk. Plus, I can wear it for casual and slightly fancier occasions. I just have to wait for my size to come back in stock, which I hope happens soon as the temperature is starting to drop here…
  • An office appropriate cropped sweater to wear with pencil skirts – I have one such sweater and for the past two winters have wished I had a second. After many years of searching, I *think* I’ve found the perfect sweater to fit this bill: the Fair Indigo cotton/alpaca blend creck neck sweater. It’s not cropped, but I think it’s slim fitting enough to tuck or half tuck with a pencil skirt. Unforunately it’s not coming back into stock in the size and colour I want until September so I will have to go another winter without. But – I’ve made it through a few winters without, so waiting a few months extra for the perfect piece is not going to kill me.  I’m planning to  write a more detailed post on how and why I’m choosing each piece from my five item quota and I’m looking forward to expanding on the reasons why I planning to buy this sweater in that post later this year.
  • A tote or laptop briefcase for work – my tan coloured Mamuye tote by ABLE is amazing but it would be great to have something smaller, more structured and in a dark colour for work, especially for work related travel.
  • MATTER jumpsuit – I have been eyeing this off ever since I tried on Hannah’s last year in March.  It also isn’t in stock right now, which actually makes me realise how much I adore this piece and hope to add it to my wardrobe.

I’m curious to hear your thoughts! How do you think I’m going?

Yours Fairly,



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  1. Sarah
    February 27, 2019 / 9:08 AM

    Hey ashy!
    On the war on waste they visit a family that makes their own toothpaste! Check them out for the recipe. Super simple and I’m sure you would have the items at home x

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