This week, I finished my first 10×10 challenge. Hello, full wardrobe! Welcome back, I’ve missed you.

It was a really interesting and worthwhile exercise to limit what options I could use for 10 days, and I’m pleased to say I styled those items in novel ways that I might not have ordinarily. I also learned a ton and am excited to share those lessons with you in this post.

These were my 10 options, in case you missed them:

  • 2 blazers
  • 3 shirts
  • 1 dress
  • 1 pair of suit pants
  • 1 pencil skirt
  • 2 pairs of shoes
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Last week I shared my first five outfits:

10x10 halfway check-in

Here are my second five outfits:

10x10-wrap up

Lessons learned:

  • In last week’s half-way check-in post, I realised that wearing colour is important to me. This week I realised it’s especially important to me in summer, because I don’t layer as much and my outfits aren’t as interesting.
  • Outfits that feel fussy or uncoordinated (separate blazer and skirt, for example) can be pulled together with coordinating shoes and blouse – for example, see my third oufit on from week 2!
  • All black with a white or coloured jacket always feels good.

Favourite outfits overall: Outfit 4, week 1; Outfits 2 and 5, week 2

Least favourite outfits: Outfit 3, week 1

Most worn items: Black trousers (4), Green dress (3), Black heels (5), Cream heels (5)

Least worn items: (Surprisingly!) Black blazer (1), white jacket (2), white button-up (2)

I really think the 10×10 was worthwhile and I can’t wait to try it again. I’m also looking forward to drawing on the lessons I learned in my everyday styling.

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