One Fair Day Winter Wishlist1.The Fable Blouse in Rose Quartz for $130.00AUD / 2.People Tree May Turtleneck in Black for $29.00AUD / 3.Fair Anita Athena Cuff for $15.00USD / 4.One World Fair Trade Silver Hexagon Necklace for $24.90USD/ 5.Krochet Kids Geneva Headband for $24.00USD 6.Everlane Day Heel for $145.00USD / 7.Fairtees Casual Boss Ladies’ Dress Shirt in Blue for $67.00AUD


It’s been a while since I’ve shared a wishlist! You might know that over the last few years I’ve been gradually purchasing less, as well as purchasing ethically. As I’ve been forming my thoughts on minimalism, I’ve simultaneously been struggling with the ideas of encouraging shopping for shopping’s sake, including on this blog.

So I want to start with the disclaimer that this isn’t one of those posts. This is not a seasonal wishlist.

Rather, this is a visual representation of a great deal of consideration. These days, I plan my purchases well ahead of time. Over a number of months, I carefully identify gaps in my wardrobe and consider what pieces will fill that gap, enabling my existing pieces to work harder and be more versatile. Then I wait. Sometimes for a long time.

In writing this post, I looked back on past wishlists, some of which are several years old. And I was pleased to see that some of these items are carried on from that time, such as the black shirt for layering, and the silver cuff and statement necklace! It just goes to show that, while I’ve been making do without these items, these are pieces that I know will serve me well for many years to come. I feel like I’m making real progress towards slow fashion.


1.  The Fable Blouse in Rose Quartz $130.00AUD

I am loving this Australian brand. They make one thing but make it well – their washable, crease resistent silk shirts are beautiful and come in a variety of colours and at a reasonable price point. I’m loving this soft pink colour, which I think will work really well for work with my grey and black suits. You may know I work in corporate, and over the last few years I’ve found that silk shirts work exceptionally well with most of my suiting, because they tuck well, drape nicely,  can be comfortably worn in summer and winter, and travel well when I have to work overseas. I already have a couple of sleeveless and one longsleeve silk shirt, but since I work fulltime, I’m hoping to add another blouse so I have to wash less.

Ethical credentials: Made fairly in India.

2. People Tree May Turtleneck in Black $29.00AUD

This specific shirt is currently out of stock, but I’m hoping it comes back! I have a couple of sleeveless wool sheath dresses that are great in summer, but I want to get more wear out of them in winter. In Canberra it gets quite cold in winter, but I think layering a turtleneck under my dresses will do the trick. Turtlenecks also look great with pencil skirts.

Ethical credentials: Fairtrade, made fairly in Bangladesh.

3. Fair Anita Athena Cuff for $15.00USD

This cuff is a bargain for $15USD. Many of my clothes have a simple or minimalist design and I love the look of a bold cuff to add visual interest.

Ethical credentials: Fair Trade Federation Member

4. One World Fair Trade Silver Hexagon Necklace $24.90USD

Back in my fast fashion days, when I got bored of a top or dress I’d want to rush out and buy a new one. These days, I have a range of classic corporate wear and excellent basics for work and play that I am happy to wear over and over. But when I want to make my existing pieces feel new again, I am content in layering on some different jewellery.

Ethical credentials: Handmade in India in a fair trade cooperative.

5. Krochet Kids Geneva Headband $24.00USD

I used to have one of these headbands, but somewhere between last winter and now, I lost it :( This piece worked super hard in my wardrobe during winter, so I want to replace it. It’s especially great for exercising outdoors, because I can keep my ears warm and my hair off my face, without the hassle of having a beanie slide off my head.

Ethical credentials: Made with transparency in Peru

6. Everlane Day Heel $145.00USD

I’ve recently come into some feet troubles, with the podiatrist telling me I have a deviated fifth metatarsal (in plain speak = a misaligned little toe). Part of the solution is lower, soft leather, round toe shoes. I’ve sold most of my pointed toe stilletos on eBay and have been on the lookout for something more suitable for everyday wear.  This low heel will be perfect for days where I want a bit of height at work to feel a little more confident and polished. Everlane make great basics which constitute a large part of my wardrobe, but I’m trying to not buy so much Everlane – I think they can make improvements on their materials sourcing. From their humble beginnings where they had two seasons per year, they are also getting a little too fast for me. That said, their transparency model is an excellent example and it’s heartening to see it gain so much traction.

Ethical credentials: Made with transparency in Italy

7. Fairtees Casual Boss Ladies’ Dress Shirt in Blue $67.00AUD

This is another layering piece that I hope can make some of my work dresses work harder for me in winter. I also love the look of a crisp blue shirt in summer with a pair of denim shirts, so I’m sure this will be an excellent ethical addition to my small wardrobe.

Ethical credentials: GOTS certified, Fair Wear Foundation

What’s on your wishlist? And if you could only buy four things this winter, what would they be?

Yours Fairly,



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