So the month of May has flown by and seen travels to Melbourne, Perth and Jakarta – and with it – the passing of World Fair Trade Day (also One Fair Day’s anniversary) without a peep on this blog. Albeit a little late, I wanted to mark the occasion with a post to say a warm THANK YOU to all of my readers, new and old, who have been following along for all or some of the journey over the past four years.

Birthdays, like New Years Eve, are also a time for reflection. This birthday, perhaps, more than others. Lately I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what content I want to share, and how, and what my role is in this whole ethical fashion project. Certainly, a lot has changed around here since I first started this blog four years ago. The movement has grown. The industry has changed. I’ve changed.

In this post, I’m going to talk about then, now and what’s next as well as share what’s new around here.

IMG_1035What’s new around here

  • A couple of months ago, I quietly published The Ethical Directory. I didn’t make a big deal about it, because I’m still working out how this blog can be helpful without actively encouraging consumerism. That said, the Directory is a compilation that I’m proud of, and a resource that’s there for you as and when you need it.
  • No more Fairtrade Friday posts. These were a huge feature of OFD for the first couple of years of its exitence. However, I lost a lot of motivation for these posts as I started to realise that I didn’t actually need too many more things and I didn’t want the majority of my posts to be shopping posts.
  • As Fairtrade Friday posts fell away, I started focusing more on sharing tips: How To guides and Ethical Shopping 101.

IMG_1037Then, now, and what’s next?

Ethical fashion goes mainstream


  • Finding ethical brands was truly a challenge. When I first starting compiling my Ethical Directory, it was difficult to populate each category (which is a large part of the reason I only published the Directory recently).
  • Terms like ‘ethical fashion’ were not on big brands’ radar.


  • It’s hard to sift through all the ethical fashion options out there. My Ethical Directory doesn’t even come close to listing all the excellent ethical brands out there that i’ve come across, and instead is a curated list from those that I like best and have personally shopped from.
  • Big brands are increasingly ‘green-washing’ promoting pseudo-ethical practices and blurring the lines of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ shopping.
  • Initiatives like True Cost Movie and Fashion Revolution are putting the shortcomings of the fashion industry at the forefront of mainstream media conscience.
  • Minimalism is gaining a strong following as a counteraction to fast fashion.

What next?

  • As minimalism and ethical shopping continues to gain popularity, it may become harder to ensure that good intentions don’t translate into unhelpful actions for the planet and the people we share it with.
  • I’ll continue sharing research and resources to help you (in the words of Vivienne Westwood) buy less, choose well, and make it last.
  • I’m also going to selectively feature some really great brands that I find fit this bill.

Ethical shopping 2.0


  • When I first started One Fair Day, four years ago, I wanted to find a way to continue living my lifestyle. I wanted to consume the same amounts in the same ways, but without the guilt of knowing that the companies I was purchasing from likely had some pretty dodgy things happening along their supply chains.
  • I priorised Fairtrade and didn’t think a whole lot about waste.


  • I know that minimising your impact is more complicated than just shopping in great volumes from ethical brands.
  • My Ethical Shopping 2.0 focuses more on needs-based shopping, rather than buying all the pretty things. I buy secondhand as well as from ethical brands.
  • Increasingly, I’m deeply concerned about the amount of stuff we produce, buy, and dispose of.

What’s next?

  • I want to share my process with you and show you more about how I minimise my impact through shopping – how I plan my wardrobe, how I decide when and what to buy, and how I care for clothes to make sure that they last.
  • I’m also on a mission to show you everything I own and complete the Ethical Wardrobe series.

I’d love to hear from you about what you like to see from One Fair Day, including what you’d like more/less of?

Yours Fairly,





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