My friend Hannah of Life+Style+Justice subscribes to the idea of ‘needs-based shopping’.  It is exactly as it sounds – you buy something only when you need it. I love this concept.

I’ve been surviving with only one fitted sheet and one flat sheet for the past 18 months. Yes, it means when I wash my sheets I have to make sure I wash them early in the morning, so they dry in time to put back on my bed that evening. It requires a little bit of forward planning, but I’ve been surviving and so I haven’t needed to buy a second set thus far. However, it turns out that in the middle of the Canberra winter, I usually have to resort to using the dryer, which isn’t the most sustainable option. Luckily for me there are plenty of companies producing gorgeous, fairly made, sustainable bed linen so I can happily invest in a second set without compromising on ethics.

Good On You pointed me in the direction of some of these brands – be sure to check out the Good On You website or app to easily source ethical brands that align with your values.

FTF Ethical Sheets1. Coyuchi Rippled Stripe Collection from $58.00USD / 2. Eco Down Under Linen Sheet Set for $279AUD /
3. Good Studios
Hemp Linen Duvet for $340AUD / 4. Glo Organic Twill Flannel Fitted Sheet for $58.00AUD /
5. Aiayu Sleep
Duvet Cover from DKK 1,395.00.


1. Coyuchi Rippled Stripe Collection from $58.00USD.

I’ve had my eye on this brand for some time now. Coyuchi make stunning, luxury bed linen, and have been in the business of responsibly sourcing organic cotton for 25 years.

Relaxed and inviting, this bed linen set is made from 100% organic cotton, which is sourced and woven in India.

Ethical credentials: GOTS certified, natural materials.

2. Eco Down Under Linen Sheet Set for $279AUD.

Made without the harsh chemicals that are usually use in making sheets – no formaldehyde, chlorine bleaches, toxic dyes or synthetics like polyester.

Ethical credentials: Natural materials. I was advised by the Sydney store that some products are made in Australia and certified organic – as always, I encourage you to check the labels or ask the question if you’re unsure.

3. Good Studios Hemp Linen Duvet for $340USD.

Locally made in South Australia from 100% hemp linen. Hemp linen is a little like wool – it has antibacterial properties and   is a natural thermoregulator – meaning you’ll be warm in winter and cool in summer.

Ethical credentials: Made in Australia, natural materials.

4. Glo Organic Twill Flannel Fitted Sheet for $58.00AUD.

A soft, light-weight flannel weave. Perfect for winter.

Ethical credentials: 100% GOTS certified, made in the USA.

5. Aiayu Sleep Duvet Cover from DKK 1,395.00.

This duvet cover is made from a 100% organic cotton poplin – available in a wide array of colours, from my favourite indigo (can you tell that I’m lusting after greys and deep blues?) to pastels, dots or flower prints.

All duvets have a stitched hem and easy zip closure.

Ethical credentials: GOTS certified, locally sourced & refined in India in SA-8000 socially compliant factory.

Now for a good night’s rest!

Yours Fairly,





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