Casual skirts are not something I wear a lot of. I’m always reaching for jeans instead. Possibly because I wear a pencil skirt to work almost every day – the last thing I want to do on the weekends is wear another skirt. Or possibly, a skirt isn’t really part of my personal style. It’s interesting that the four casual skirts that I do own, I don’t wear very often. I also haven’t really ever gone shopping for skirts for casual wear – these have all been pushed out of my work wardrobe.

I could honestly do without any of these in my wardrobe. What do you think?

An Ethical wardrobe skirts

1. Tweed bell mini skirt

 Is it ethical? Turns out this skirt is Made in Australia – so it’s ethical on the labour front.

Where & when did I get it? Portmans, 2010. Made in Australia.

Where was it made & what from? According to the tag, it’s made from polyester, viscose, rayon, cotton, acyrilic, and linen. Okay then.

What do I like about it? Once upon a time, back when I was a paralegal, I wore this to work. Then, sometime between the ages of 22 and 25, I grew hips and now this skirt is too short to wear to work.

What don’t I like about it? It’s not necessary that I don’t like this skirt, but I always tend to wear jeans ahead of choosing o wear this skirt. Possibly it’s a Canberra weather thing – there’s only a short period in the year that this skirt is weather appropriate.

Do I wear it? Not really.

Verdict? Unsure – thoughts?

2. Patterned skirt

 Is it ethical? Pre-loved.

Where & when did I get it? A friend passed it on to me (thanks, Rhi!).

Where was it made & what from? Made in China, 97% cotton, 3% elastane.

What do I like about it? There is a particular outfit combination I like this skirt with: black tights, a soft black sweater and ankle boots.

What don’t I like about it? As a general rule, I like the concept of wearing patterned bottoms with a plain top… as evidenced by these skirts and also by my collection of shorts. I think that formula doesn’t really work for everyday – things in the ‘basics’ category are way more versatile.

Do I wear it? Not really.

Verdict? Unsure – thoughts?.

3. Striped mini skirt

 Is it ethical? Thrifted.

Where & when did I get it? An op-shop in Fremantle, 2014

Where was it made & what from? Unsure – this one has no tag!

What do I like about it? This skirt was $1 from an op-shop. ONE DOLLAR! It was a size 14 and I took it in. I bought it to wear to work, which I did do for a time – and then went off that, for some reason.

What don’t I like about it? The zip has broken and I’ve been trying to decide whether I like this skirt enough to replace the zip. The fact that this skirt only cost me $1 works against it in this respect. Isn’t that interesting? We place far less value on the things we didn’t pay a lot for.

Do I wear it? Sometimes.

Verdict? Unsure – thoughts?

4. Patterned midi skirt

 Is it ethical? Yes (ethically made).

Where & when did I get it? ASOS Africa, 2014.

Where was it made & what from? Made in Kenya, 90% polyester, 10% elastane.

What do I like about it? I like how it sits on me. And though the material of the skirt wasn’t ethically produced, I do really like its weight and the fact is requires zero ironing or general upkeep. Plus, I get lots of compliments when I wear this.

What don’t I like about it? I think the pattern is too loud for me – I don’t really feel like ‘me’ in it. And as I’ve mentioned, I only feel like doing the patterned bottoms with a plain top thing so many times… 

Do I wear it? Not really.

Verdict? Unsure – thoughts

Help! I’m struggling to make decisions in respect of these four items (though I now have some interesting insight into my purchasing decisions). I guess this is why I started this series, right?

Yours Fairly,




  1. June 12, 2016 / 5:59 AM

    I really like the midi skirt on you! I always feel so awkward in skirts…if I have to bare my legs it’s usually in a dress :)

  2. Bets
    July 8, 2016 / 1:36 AM

    Just thinking that you said you rarely wear any of them… probably should pass them along! They are pretty, but if you don’t reach for them, they probably don’t belong in your closet.

    • Ashlee
      August 17, 2016 / 7:35 PM

      I absolutely love this – you’re completely right! Passing them all on :-)

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