Hi all! A short a sweet Sustainable Sunday today. Enjoy, and have a wonderful week.

The Australian Fashion Report got airtime on some major television slots, including The Project and Today.

Gorman received criticism for joining in on Fashion Revolution Day a la ethical brands, despite receiving an F grade in the recently published Australian Fashion Report. Gorman claimed their F rating was due to them not taking part in the Report, by not providing the requisite information. My view – the point of the Fashion Report is to assess whether brands have strong labour rights management system to reduce risk of slavery, child labour and worker exploitation, including by determining how well brands know their suppliers. We all know that transparency in the supply chain is key – that’s how we avoid disasters like the Rana Plaza factory collapse. And to use the words of the interviewee on Today, if we don’t know what brands are doing, how can we be assured that they are doing enough?

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