Happy Easter Sunday! I hope you’re feeling rested and rejuvenated after a couple of days off.  Enjoy this week’s round-up of ethical lifestyle news.

Did you know that the foil from the Easter eggs you’ve eaten this weekend can be recycled?

This video shows the business of fast fashion, and it’s impact on people, the environment… and the quality of design and construction of the clothing we wear.

Jeanswest is launching a ‘Homespun’ collection of Australian made menswear, for ‘a limited time only’. Let’s hope it’s not just for a limited time, because ethics is not something that should be a once-off special.

H&M is reported to have collected over 25,000 tonnes of clothing since launching their garment collection and recyling service – with the ultimate aim of creating a closed loop for the production of textiles.

Primark’s head of corporate responsibility doesn’t like setting targets  – raising the question of what ‘success’ means and how to measure it in creating a more ethical and environmentally sustainable business model.

Ending on a more positive note, a primary school not far from Sydney has recently become the first in Australia to make the switch to fair trade uniforms.

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