Happy Sunday! I hope you enjoy this week’s round up of ethical lifestyle news.


We have a consuming problem; Ikea’s Head of Sustainability, Steve Howard, thinks we have reached ‘peak stuff’ while Marie Kondo tells us to ditch our joyless things – but where are we sending them? A timely question after I discovered I have 14 pairs of shorts and need to part ways with some.

So what is Ikea’s Steve Howard proposing to deal with our ‘stuff’ problem? Could circular supply chains be the answer?

With Easter around the corner, learn some more about the dark side of chocolate. Ensure you’re buying fairly made chocolate – I’ve gathered up some options for you in this Easter guide.

It’s not just chocolate; this broader list of products that might have been made using child and slave labour might surprise you.

UK companies poised to act on forced labour with the Modern Slavery Act, but what’s Australia doing?

EU considers a Country of Origin Labelling requirement; the proposed legislation has been amended and approved at its first reading by the European Parliament. What next?

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Photo from Jean-Pierre Sancho


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