This week’s Sustainable Sunday headlines have a focus on women, as a nod to International Women’s Day last Tuesday.

The relationship between fair trade and women is significant. For example, the garment industry is a female-dominanted industry and so pervasive exploitation and abuse in apparel supply chains is a particularly female issue. Similarly, gender inequity on cocoa and coffee plantations means women struggle to access their rights, earn a living wage, and work themselves out of poverty.

I’m pleased these issues are making news; with a spotlight shining on the barriers that are preventing the realisation of gender parity, perhaps we can see more progress.

I hope that you enjoy this week’s ethical lifestyle news.

This is How Women are Exploited in Today’s Global Workforce

International Business News reports that 2 million people in Pakistan are in bonded labour, with women particularly affected.

Women cocoa farmers struggle with less pay, land and training compared with men; Nestle, Mars and Mondelez (Cadbury) can ‘do a whole lot more’– which is one of the reasons why, in my view, Fairtrade chocolate is important; men and women in Fairtrade cooperatives are guaranteed equal pay.

Nestle unsure of where its coffee beans come from; is looking into reports of forced and slave labour on supplier coffee plantations in Brazil

Lastly, ending on a more positive note, the Green Carpet movement is growing with a handful of celebrities wearing sustainable suits and accessories to the Oscars. I’m looking forward to this list getting bigger and more varied in years to come…

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