In preparation for Mothers’ Day this Sunday, I’m sharing some ideas for gifts, all of which (but one) can be purchased from the same place! I recently discovered Australian online ethical store Thread Harvest, which stocks many of my favourite ethical brands (and some new ones that I hadn’t yet discovered).

And the best news? One Fair Day readers will receive 10% off all purchases until Mother’s Day with the discount code ‘OFDmothersday10’ at the checkout, plus all purchases before Mother’s day will receive a free upcycled fair trade card from Raven + Lily.

The common theme between each of these gifts is, they are not only nice for your Mum –  their creation focuses on empowering  mothers around the world. So, in purchasing one of these gifts, you are really showing two mothers that you care for them.Thread Harvest Mothers' Day Gift Guide

1. Socks to Fight AIDS by Conscious Step for $19.00AUD / 2. Arrow Bangle by Article 22 for $45.00AUD / 3. Neary Pacaya Tee in slate by Raven + Lily for $45.00AUD / 4. Half the Sky by Nicholas D. Kristof Sheryl Wudunn from $10.00AUD (Kindle) and $20.00AUD (Paperback) on Amazon / 5. The Whitney Necklace by the Starfish Project for $32.00AUD / 6. Uzma Recycled Cotton Travel Journal in Pacaya print by Raven + Lily for $14.00AUD / 7. Peacock Print Bucket Tote by Joyn for $39.00AUD / 8. Kelapa Shoe in coral by Indosole for $65.00AUD / 9. Yami Contrast Cross Body Bag by Raven + Lily for $115.00AUD

1. Socks to Fight AIDS by Conscious Step for $19.00AUD

Something warm for winter. And something to warm your heart: for each pair sold, the equivalent of 7 days of lifesaving AIDS treatment for HIV-positive mothers and their babies will be donated, which will be directed to support the work of UNAIDS.

Ethical credentials: Fairtrade certified.

2. Arrow Bangle by Article 22 for $45.00AUD

I love this simple bangle that is repurposed from Vietnam War era bombs dropped in Laos.

Ethical credentialsHandmade by artisans in Laos.

3. Neary Pacaya Tee in slate by Raven + Lily for $45.00AUD

This tee is handmade from remnant jersey. The sales support the artisan women, many of who are HIV positive or have escaped the sex-trafficking industry.

Ethical credentials: Handmade in Cambodia.

4. Half the Sky by Nicholas D. Kristof Sheryl Wudunn from $10.00AUD (Kindle) and $20.00AUD (Paperback) on Amazon

One of the best books I’ve read on the obstacles and opportunities facing women around the world. Half the Sky examines the major issues facing women in the developing world, including sex trafficking, maternal mortality and sexual violence – as well as vehicles for change, such as micro-finance and girls’ education. Highly recommended.

5. The Whitney Necklace by the Starfish Project for $32.00AUD

This lovely necklace is handmade by survivors of exploitation and abuse.

Ethical credentialsHandmade.

6. Uzma Recycled Cotton Travel Journal in Pacaya print by Raven + Lily for $14.00AUD

This super affordable journal is available in many different patterns.

Ethical credentials: Handmade by women artisans at the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains in Northern India, repurposed from waste such as discarded cotton, paper, denim, newspapers and rags.

7. Peacock Print Bucket Tote by Joyn for $39.00AUD

An excellent sized catch-all. Available in more colours and patterns.

Ethical credentials: Handmade in India

8. Kelapa Shoe in coral by Indosole for $65.00AUD

These versatile slip on shoes (also available in black) are 100% handcrafted with re-purposed tyre sole!

Ethical credentials: Handmade in Indonesia under fair trade conditions

9. Yami Contrast Cross Body Bag by Raven + Lily for $115.00AUD

A beautiful bag that is the perfect size and colour to match everything in Mum’s wardrobe.

Ethical credentials: Handmade by women in Ethiopia under fair trade conditions

A big thank you to Jai from Thread Harvest for helping me curate this gift guide.

Yours Fairly,




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