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Better late than never, I’m sharing five fair trade treat ideas for Halloween, which is just under two weeks away. Order now so that your treats arrive in time to hand out when you get knocks on your door from kids in costume.

Equal Exchange Halloween Hit

Equal Exchange Fair Trade Your Halloween Kit for $24.00USD

Each Kit contains:

  • 150 bite-sized chocolate minis (choose Dark Chocolate or Milk Chocolate with a Hint of Hazelnut)
  • 150 illustrated information cards about choosing Fair Trade

Handing out some educational cards along with your chocolates is kinda like reforming Halloween without being a party-pooper.

Ethical credentials: Fair Trade, Fair Trade Federation Member

Fairtrade The Jelly Bean Factory beans

The Jelly Bean Factory Fairtrade selection boxes (10 x 75gram boxes for €11.75).

These bright packets of Fairtrade jellybeans feature a bright Fairtrade logo that might just start a few important conversations.

Ethical credentials: Fairtrade certified


Alter Eco Organic and Fair Trade Truffles (10 for $7.99USD)

Buy these and you risk eating them all yourself.

Ethical credentials: Fair Trade certified


Divine Milk Chocolate squares (150 squares for $53.09USD)

A simple solution to Halloween from the first farmer-owned Fairtrade chocolate company.

Ethical credentials: Fairtrade certified

Halloween Action Kit for $16.50USD.

Each Kit includes:

  • Ben & Jerry’s pint coupon,
  • Alter Eco truffles
  • Divine milk chocolate squares
  • 10 “Not So Sweet Facts About Chocolate” postcards,
  • 1 “This House Supports Fair Trade” poster to hang up on your door,
  • Fair Trade fliers and a Fair Trade Pledge,
  • 1 DVD copy of The Dark Side of Chocolate
  • Action materials to join Global Exchange’s Put A Fair Trade Label on it! campaign targeting Ghirardelli (the United States division of Lindt, which does not currently have Fairtrade certification).

Halloween is a great opportunity to support fair trade by buying and giving away some Fairtrade treats. Interested in doing more? This kit features the Divine chocolate squares and Alter Eco truffles featured above, plus a whole bunch of other materials that will equip you to go one step further this Halloween, and host an event to promote fair trade… and social justice more broadly. Show the DVD to some friends and family, munch on some Fair Trade chocolate, and spread awareness about the impact of our purchases on the world around us. On sale until 24 October 2014.

Let me know if you’ve bought some fair trade treats this Halloween (or if you’re getting involved with costumes and decorations!)

Yours Fairly,


P.S. Want some more ideas? Check out my Halloween post from last year.


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