Here in Canberra, the days are getting longer and it’s finally getting warmer; today, I walked to work and home without a coat for the first time since May. Spring has arrived and I’m quickly learning that Spring in Canberra is beautiful. The cherry blossoms are starting to bloom in pale pinks and bright whites.

It’s a cliche, but my first thought when it comes to Spring fashion is floral patterns, especially on lightweight cotton dresses. They are so easy to wear, and not just in Spring. If you’re going into Autumn/Fall, floral dresses (particularly in muted palettes) are still great over tights or under a trench coat. Here are some of my favourite Spring dresses (and other fair trade items with floral patterns):

Fairtrade Friday-Spring Florals

1. Lora Dress in Monochrome Flower Print by People Tree for £40.00 / 2. Ellie Meadow Dress by People Tree for £64.00 / 3. African Peplum Top by Fair + True from Fashion-Conscience for £75.00 / 4. Flower Fitted Dress in Blue by People Tree for £46.80 / 5. Unique Floral Print Shirt by Fair + True from Fashion Conscience for £65.00 / 6. Cara Autumn Floral Dress by People Tree for £51.00 / 7. Bijoux Fair Trade Shift Dress by Komodo from Fashion-Conscience for £51.00 / 8. Scattered Flower Shirt Dress by People Tree for £27.20 / 9. Vintage Floral Print Wrap Dress by Bibico for £45.00 / 10. Fair Trade Embroidered Flowers Sneakers from Connected Goods for $70.00AUD / 11. Sunflower print tennis shoe by American Apparel for $35.00AUD


1. People Tree Lora Dress in Monochrome Flower Print for £40.00 (on sale from was £80.00!)

Ethical credentialsWorld Fair Trade Organization

2. People Tree Ellie Meadow Dress for £64.00 (on sale from £80.00!)

Ethical credentialsWorld Fair Trade Organization

3. Fair + True African Peplum Top from Fashion-Conscience for £75.00

Ethical credentialsMade with transparency

4. People Tree Flower Fitted Dress in Blue for £46.80 (on sale from £78.00!)

Ethical credentialsWorld Fair Trade Organization

5. Fair + True Unique Floral Print Shirt from Fashion Conscience for £65.00

Ethical credentialsMade with transparency

6. People Tree Cara Autumn Floral Dress for £51.00 (on sale from £85.00!)

Ethical credentialsWorld Fair Trade Organization

7. Komodo Bijoux Fair Trade Shift Dress from Fashion-Conscience for £51.00 (on sale from £85.00)

Ethical credentialsMade with transparency

8. People Tree Scattered Flower Shirt Dress for £27.20 (on sale from £68.00!)

Ethical credentialsWorld Fair Trade Organization

9. Bibico Vintage Floral Print Wrap Dress for £45.00 (on sale from £65.00)

Ethical credentialsMade with transparency in a fair trade arrangement

10. Fair Trade Embroidered Flowers Sneakers from Connected Goods for $70.00AUD

Ethical credentialsFair Trade Federation member

11. American Apparel Sunflower print tennis shoe for $35.00AUD (on sale from $70.00AUD).

Just to round off this round-up, how great are these shoes? Sunflowers are my favourites, so wearing these would make me so happy, every time.

Ethical credentials: Made in the USA

Which are your favourites?

Yours Fairly,