We’re halfway through 2014 already. WOW. That is going fast. So far it’s been a good year, and July was no exception – particularly because some wonderful friends came to Canberra to visit! That said, my July otherwise featured far less variety than usual and that is well and truly evident in this One Fair Month post (which you will notice is shorter than usual!) Above all, I’m reminded to focus on living a more balanced life next month (particularly as I finally have the go ahead from the physio to start exercising again… YAY!)

Here’s what I was grateful for in July 2014:

1. Work. This month I worked some long hours – part of the reason for my lack of variety and balance. Nonetheless, I’m grateful for the long hours, as I am working on an exciting case at an exciting time with a really great team.

2. Study. This month I started my Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice at the Australian National University. Not thrilled about this (both the subject matter and the amount of work, which is way more than my undergraduate degrees and taking up far more time than I would like). On the bright side, I have the opportunity to become a qualified legal practitioner by December and I’m studying with a great bunch of people. And that’s cool.

3. Finally getting my budget under control! This has been a long time coming. I’ve tried and failed at sticking to a budget several times (before full time work, my income was pretty irregular, which made it quite difficult to budget or even want to budget). I think I’ve finally succeeding at creating a budgeting strategy that I can stick to. I’m feeling really content with my budget and optimistic that it will make it easier to reach some goals that I have in the pipeline…(this may or may not involve more Fairtrade shopping).

4. Revisiting my New Year’s Resolutions for a mid-year check in.

5. Two wonderful girl friends visiting for a whirlwind 48 hours in Canberra! I am SO grateful to these two lovelies for making the long trip from Perth and consequently making me feel super special and happy. As an added bonus, Tom and my boy friends were visiting in Canberra at the same time. While seven people in a one bedroom apartment was tricky, it was also insanely awesome to share our new life with some of our nearest and dearest.







This month on the blog, I enjoyed sharing:

I’m resolving to make next month about less work and more play (and sharing a more balanced One Fair Month post for August).

How was your July?

Yours Fairly,



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