This isn’t the first time I’ve posted about Acure, and it’s because I think its products are pretty wonderful.

Acure is like a particularly lovely friend – natural, good moral judgment plus punny (a… cure for your skin, get it?). That, plus it happens to make your skin better.

This time around, I tried the facial cleansing creme ($12.94 – Fair Trade certified) and exfoliating body wash ($8.62 – contains Fair Trade ingredients).


The verdict?

The body wash smells amazing – way better than this other mint body wash that I have tried previously. It’s a very gentle exfoliant (I would describe it more as clarifying), which means it’s a good daily body wash (although if you’re looking for a weekly deep scrub – this probably isn’t the right one for you). All in all, I was really pleased with this and would buy it again.


The facial cleanser doesn’t really have a smell (either nice or offensive). It’s green and looks kind of funny… particularly if you forget to rinse the sink after washing your face at night. I did that a few times and when I looked in the sink in the morning it looks like there was dried boogies in the sink (sorry! I can’t help how my brain works!)

Nonetheless, the facial cleanser really grew on me. Perhaps because, as we went into winter, I noticed it really helped keep my skin from drying out. It’s also really effective at removing makeup.

I think that this product is great in the cooler months, or if you naturally have dry skin. It was a little too moisturising for me when it was warmer – but to that end I used another Acure product (this toner) to help balance my skin. I think I prefer this face wash that I tried last year, but that’s not to say I wouldn’t use this creme cleanser again, especially if I feel like my skin would benefit from something gentle and hydrating.


Have you tried any Acure products? If so, what should I try next?

Yours Fairly,



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