I’m having a “I want to buy all the things” saga. We’re deep in the throes of winter and my wishlist just keeps growing. I’m starting to think that there might be a correlation between how cold it is and how much I want to online shop. Or maybe it’s just that the amount of gorgeous ethical items keeps growing? More than ever before, this season I have seen countless – maybe hundreds?! – of items I would love to buy, wear and proudly tell the story of.

Winter Wishlist - One Fair Day

1. Mata Traders Chaise Bracelet Silver for $12.99USD / 2. ALAS telescope fleece pullover pyjama top for $65.95AUD / 3. Pearl earrings from Ten Thousand Villages for $16.00USD / 4. Bibico All Diamonds Merino Sweater for £39.00GBP / 5. Moon on Water necklace from Ten Thousand Villages for $29.00USD / 6. Monkee Genes white skinny jeans for £30.00GBP/ 7. Fair + True Fair Trade Short Puffer Coat from for £93.60 / 8. ALAS telescope fleece pyjama pants for $65.95AUD / 9. One Mango Tree Boatneck Tee for $32.00USD.

1. Chaise Bracelet Silver by Mata Traders available for $12.99USD.

I’m in the midst of a jewellery crisis because the jewellery that I do have doesn’t seem to translate to my work wardrobe all that well. Jewellery makes all outfits look that bit more polished and put-together. I would love a few key pieces that I can always fall back on. The gold version of this bracelet was on my Autumn Wishlist. I didn’t get around to purchasing it and since realised that I wear silver jewellery more often and so the silver would be a better choice (one of the benefits of delayed purchases!)

Ethical credentials: Fair Trade Federation member, World Fair Trade Organization

2. Telescope fleece pullover pyjama top by ALAS available online for $64.95AUD.

It’s cold. My old flannel pyjamas of several years are threadbare. I love ALAS pyjamas. A telescope pattern is TOO cute. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted pyjamas as much as I want these!

Ethical credentials: Otherwise certified (GOTS)

3. Pearl earrings from Ten Thousand Villages available online for $16.00USD.

As part of my aforementioned jewellery crisis, I need a pair of simple studs that go with everything.

Ethical credentials: Fair Trade Federation member, World Fair Trade Organization

4. All Diamonds Merino Sweater by Bibico available online for £39.00 (on sale from £72.00).

In winter, I wear sweaters like they’ re going out of fashion (I hope they’ re not), even more so now I actually live somewhere that is cold. Layers are required. I’ve been lusting after a light grey sweater and this one is stylish and not too bulky for layering, but also looks to be insanely warm.

Ethical credentials: Made fairly in the EU from UK wool

5. Moon on Water necklace from Ten Thousand Villages available online for $29.00USD.

The jewellery crisis continues.

I love the look of the statement necklace trend. It’s been in fashion since 2010 and doesn’t look to be going out anytime soon. Yet, I’m still not on board (I have one necklace that was a gift, and though I love it, it goes with very few outfits).

I think that this one is fairly subtle – as far as a statement necklace can be – and could be worn with most outfits. That said, it’s got just a little bit of sparkle to dress up even the most basic Tee (or overalls, a la Geneva Venderzeil).

Ethical credentials: Fair Trade Federation member, World Fair Trade Organization

6. White skinny jeans by Monkee Genes available online for £30.00GBP (on sale from £60.00GBP!).

Winter white jeans. So fresh and crisp (just got to keep them clean).

Ethical credentials: Otherwise certified (Soil Association)

7. Fair + True Fair Trade Short Puffer Coat available online at for £93.60GBP (on sale from £120.00!).

Okay this one is a bit left of field. I’ve always hated puffer jackets, but hear me out.

They are everywhere in Canberra. Seriously… everywhere. They must be warm. But no, I’m not about to compromise style for comfort – I actually just want a puffer jacket to throw on over my sweatshirt and leggings when I go out walking at night and in the early morning (there’s frost!!). I had similar rationale for buying my Gideon shoes and they have been one of my favourite, most convenient, most reliable Fairtrade purchases to date. It’s foolproof logic, right?

Ethical credentials: Made with transparency in a fair trade arrangement in Nepal

8. Fleece telescope pyjama pants by ALAS available online for $64.95AUD.

Melting over this set. I love the little details, like elasticated bottoms so the pant legs don’t ride up in the night and make your ankles cold!

Ethical credentials: Otherwise certified (GOTS)

9. One Mango Tree Boatneck Tee available online for $32.00USD.

Of all the items on my Winter Wishlist, this one is most urgent. Every winter, I wear a black long-sleeved tee to pieces, quite literally. Unfortunately, I haven’t found a replacement since last winter! I’ve seen plenty of Fairtrade options, but they keep selling out (they’re so versatile and definitely a wardrobe staple, so I’m not surprised). As a result, I’ve had lots of “this outfit would be amazing, if only I had a black long-sleeved tee to layer underneath” moments.

Ethical credentials: Otherwise certified (GOTS)

It was a struggle to narrow my Winter Wishlist down to just nine items… I have also been eyeing off this cute earth glass terrarium kit from Connected Goods ($55.00USD – Made in the USA) and this beautiful Victoria Dress in Navy Dash Print by People Tree (was £75.00, then £45.00, NOW £40.50 – World Fair Trade Organization). As greedy as it sounds, it’s a good sign of the times in fair trade fashion!

What are your must-haves for winter?

Yours Fairly,




  1. July 10, 2014 / 2:13 AM

    Love everything on this list! I’ve been meaning to get some white jeans for awhile now… so classy!

    • Ashlee
      July 16, 2014 / 10:16 PM

      Totally agree! I love how fresh white jeans look in summer and winter!

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