Though my mind is swimming with posts I want to write and products I want to research, this week I’ve been a little quiet on the blog. We’re about to hit a big milestone in the case I’ve been working on and that’s meant really long days in the office and, well, something has gotta give. But I wouldn’t miss Fairtrade Friday for the world! So today, I’m sharing the only (so far) makeup I’ve found that contains Fairtrade certified ingredients, by Essential Care Organics.7001;Warehouse;Warehouse

Fairtrade certified eyeliner available online from Essential Care Organics (and also here) for £12.50GBP.eclipstickraspberrycoulis_1

Fairtrade certified lipstick in Raspberry Coulis available online from Essential Care Organics for £18.00GBP.

The eyeliner is available in black or brown and, for the lipsticks, there are 8 other great shades to choose from (including other berries, reds, pinks, a nude, and apricot). Each shade has a different quality depending on the colour – matte, shimmery, frosted… From the descriptions, the lipsticks all seem to tend towards sheer. For sheer lipsticks, I think berry shades look best (they look like they’re meant to be a tint and not just like they’re rubbing off!) but I will have to try the whole range, just to make sure ;)

One final hint, when buying lipsticks online (and actually, this applies for other makeup and clothing too!) revert to your colours to choose shades that will complement your skin and hair tones.

Have you seen any Fairtrade certified makeup ranges?

Yours Fairly,


P.S. Check in tomorrow for a Fairtrade makeup substitute!

P.P.S. Happy Fourth of July for my American readers! I would choose to wear a swipe of bright red lipstick from the Essential Care Organics range with blue and white stripes!


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