Today is Tom’s birthday and the last Friday in the financial year (and my 52nd Fairtrade Friday post!) To celebrate, I’m sharing Tom’s favourite fair trade purchase from 2013-2014, the Emilio Chukka Boot by Nisolo (in oak for $168.00USD, made in a fair trade arrangement in Peru).


I’ve spoken about my love for Nisolo before: here, here, here and here! Tom, however, is much fussier than me when it comes to footwear. He owns something like 50 pairs of shoes, all of which he has carefully chosen. He swears that this pair of Nisolo boots is the best pair of shoes he owns! That’s a testament to their quality, make, comfort and style.

Here’s what he had to say: “I really like the attention to detail in the way everything is stitched; the subtle way the heels are rolled and recessed back. I also like the lining which is thin but supportive and soft.”



We both love the clean lines, and the beautiful shape, colours and finishes of Nisolo shoes. Tom has worn these nonstop since buying them last year and they’re still in great shape. I think Nisolo shoes are our best fair trade discovery this year overall, not just in the footwear category (yes, big call!)


We are going to Sydney this weekend and Tom will definitely pack these to wear for all activities, from walking harbour-side to going out to dinner and the theatre!

What are you up to this weekend?

Yours Fairly,


P.S. I wrote this while walking to work and though I’m quite proud of that effort, it’s not the most conducive to good writing and grammar! Sorry if there are any mistakes.


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