Phew. What a week! I’ve started in a new area at work which is both great and exhausting. I’m well and truly ready for a long weekend (it’s a public holiday on Monday here). We’re staying in Canberra but a weekend away would be nice…

Speaking of going away; this week I’m sharing ethical travel bags with a masculine twist. A dopp kit*, if you will. Every now and then, Tom gives me a Fair Trade mission. And I love it because I love involving others in Fair Trade. Plus, it gets me looking for items I wouldn’t ordinarily.

When he moved over to Canberra, he mentioned he wanted a bag that is nice and useful to store his toiletries and cords when he travels.  This week, I started looking. Incidentally, it is Fathers’ Day in the USA on the 15 June – one of these might be the perfect gift for your Dad.

Ethical Dopp Kitts1. Duck Island Dopp by Blue Claw Co for $65.00USD / 2. ReStyle Travel Dopp Kit from Restyle Fair Trade for $39.98USD  / 3. Cordito Cord Organizer from Amazon for $39.99AUD


1. Blue Claw Co Duck Island Dopp available online for $65.00USD.

A classic and sturdy canvas toiletry bag available in a range of colours including this navy and bright orange. Easy to care for and suit a range of tastes. Great for a younger or older man.

Ethical credentials: Made in the USA

2. Restyle Travel Dopp Kitt available online for $39.98USD.

This lovely Dopp kitt is available in a range of colours. It is spacious with a bunch of pockets and straps to store smaller bits and pieces, from toiletries to electronics.

Made from a recycled tire tube bag, it keeps old tyres out of landfill!

Ethical credentials: Handmade in a fair trade arrangements by artisans in Colombia

3. Cordito Cord Organizer in tan available online online from Amazon for $39.99AUD.

Available in four different colours, this fold out organiser is perfect for the man/men in your life to store their cords and gadgets while travelling.

Ethical credentials: Handmade in USA

I also stumbled upon this amazing Etsy store which offers handmade, monogrammed leather goods including these Dopp kits for $85.00AUD


Ethical credentials: Handmade in the USA

If you’re in eastern Australia, do you have plans for the long weekend? If you’re in the United States, what are you getting your Dad for Fathers’ Day?

Yours Fairly,


*Dopp kit – the name derives from early 20th century German-American leather craftsman Charles Doppelt, who invented his toiletry case in 1919. The kits became widely known during the Second World War when they were issued to soldiers.



  1. June 8, 2014 / 4:42 AM

    Love these- especially that cord keeper! Andrew is an organizer and needs to have a place for everything, especially when we travel… thanks for the perfect gift idea!

    • Ashlee
      June 10, 2014 / 5:05 PM

      No problem! Tom and Andrew sound like they would get along with their organised ways!

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