Our everyday set of dinner plates were handmade by my late grandmother for Christmas for my Mum, Dad and I when I was 8 or 9. She always said she wanted us to use them, not for them to sit in a cupboard untouched and unloved. That said, we use them everyday with love and the wear is finally starting to show. Little hairline cracks are appearing and i’m wondering if we should get another set of plates to use as well, to increase the longevity of my lovely grandmother’s plates.

There are such beautiful handmade options available. Here are some of my favourites:Fair Trade plates

1. Fair Trade Fez hand painted dinner plate in green from Greenhearts for $19.95USD / 2. Seaside dinner plate from The Little Market for $18.00USD / 3. Tunisian Ceramic Honey dinner plate for $16.95USD / 4. Herringbone patterned dinner plate from Etsy for $71.01AUD  / 5. Hand painted peony plate from Oxfam for $22.95AUD


1. Fair Trade Fez hand painted dinner plate in green available online from Greenhearts for $19.95USD.

Ethical credentials: Handmade with transparency in a Fair Trade arrangement

2. The Little Market Seaside dinner plate available online for $18.00USD.

Love the colours in this design.

Ethical credentials: Handmade with transparency in a Fair Trade arrangement

3. Tunisian Ceramic Honey dinner plate available online from Greenhearts for $16.95USD.

Turns out, I really like this particular artisan!

Ethical credentials: Handmade with transparency in a Fair Trade arrangement

4. Herringbone patterned dinner plate available online from Etsy for $71.01AUD .

I think food always looks better on fresh white plates. This design around the outer rim adds a little something to what would otherwise be a plain white plate.

Ethical credentials: Handmade in the UK

5. Hand painted peony plate available from Oxfam online or in store for $22.95AUD.

Classic and very pretty.

Ethical credentials: Made by a World Fair Trade Organization

These would also make gorgeous gifts.

Have you seen any other beautiful options?

Yours Fairly,




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