I’ve just come off crutches but I’m still in the moon boot. But, I’ll be graduating from it soon and my physio has advised I need some supportive shoes. Unfortunately, all I have is trainers.

Time to buy some new lace ups. Here are my favourites:

Lace ups

1. Devin Bootie by Bhava for $155.00USD / 2. White Lowcuts by Etiko for $90.00AUD / 3.Oliver Oxford by Nisolo for $148.00USD / 4.  Harper Chukka by Nisolo for $154.00USD

Ethical credentials: Made with Fairtrade cotton in  an accredited Fairtrade factory in Pakistan* (2); made with transparency in a Fair Trade arrangement in Peru (3, 4); made with transparency in a Fair Trade arrangement in India (1)

*Etiko pay a social premium to the shoe stitchers in Pakistan and the rubber producers in Sri Lanka in the making of these sneaks.

Even when I’m not injured, these will serve me well. I’m learning that winter in Canberra is far colder than in Perth and I will definitely need a range of enclosed shoes for all occasions – work and play.

And some inspiration for style your white sneaks in winter:

lace up inspiration

Images from Pinterest 1 2 3 4

Yours Fairly,



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