April is usually my favourite month of the year. There are a whole bunch of public holidays. And, at this time of the year in Perth, the weather is perfect. It turns out this month is Canberra is cold. Other than that, I got myself really injured playing netball, which rendered the rest of the month fairly inactive. But nonetheless, here’s what I was grateful for:

1. Being able to afford physiotherapy. Try as I might, there is absolutely no other way to put a positive spin on tearing two ankle ligaments. I spent four weeks on crutches and I’m still in a moon boot.

photo 1

photo 3

2. Technology that enabled me to get laser eye surgery. Another thing on the health front, but this one is exciting and positive. No more glasses for me! Yay! It’s quite remarkable that this is possible and I’m so grateful to wake up everyday with perfect vision.

photo 1

3. Tom moving over – luckily two days after my ankle injury and the day of my laser eye surgery. I’m so grateful for a partner that also acts as a full time carer :-) I’m also so grateful to my new Canberra friends who organised to stop by with meals for the week. Thank you so much!

4. A lovely Easter break, with too much indulging in lovely Fairtrade chocolate. It’s so counter intuitive because I’m inactive at the moment, but since injuring my ankle I’ve made up for exercise with eating.


photo 3

Kat sent me this picture of her popping a Fairtrade bunny in her shopping cart!

Case in point.

5. Having a Canberra staycation over the Easter weekend. We stayed at the awesome Hotel Hotel. We ate tapas at the equally awesome and ethically-minded Mocan & Green Grout (which is within hobbling-on-crutches distance from the Hotel). And we had an amazing room service breakfast with bread from A. Baker.

photo 4\photo 1

photo 3

photo 4

More food.

6. A degustation at the Boat House to congratulate Tom for becoming a qualified Electrician. Thanks to the Boat House for their sweet congratulatory message on a complimentary (ninth) course.

photo 2

photo 2

7. Reflecting on the Rana Plaza tragedy but seeing change start to happen with people asking #whomadeyourclothes?

8. Autumn arriving in Canberra and making everything pretty.

photo 2

photo 5

photo 4

9. Lovely autumn things.

10. My girl crush Lauren Conrad favouriting my tweet about this post.


What did you get up to in April?

Yours Fairly,



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