Fairtrade Fortnight celebrates our ability to change the world one purchase at a time. As part of Fairtrade Fortnight, I’m writing about my favourite new season collections.

When I first started shopping ethically, I admit I was more than a little upset at the prospect of moving away from shopping at one of my all-time favourite online retailers, ASOS. So you can imagine how thrilled I was when I learned that ASOS has their own ethical label, ASOS Africa (which you can find in the Green Room* along with other fair trade and eco-consious labels). ASOS Africa pieces are made in fair trade arrangements (in, you guessed it, Africa) and contribute to the growth and empowerment of artisanal communities.

I think this collection by ASOS Africa is their best yet. Here are my three favourite pieces:

ASOS Africa collection

Lace Top with Long Sleeves $88.03AUD / Midi Dress in Mesh $68.47AUD /  Skater Dress with Cut Outs $146.72AUD

I’m a massive fan of pieces featuring lace and sheer organza overlay… and this collection has both. It incorporates elements of the sporty luxe trend, but the lace and colour palate keep it feminine. I love the cool palate! I tend to favour cool tones anyway because they suit my colouring and extra luckily for me, cool pastels are trending this season! This is a Spring/Summer collection, but I’m loving the idea of carrying icy pastels into the southern hemisphere winter. I particularly love the dove grey tones. Have I mentioned I love this collection?!

Which is your favourite piece and SS14 trend?

Yours Fairly,


* P.S Not everything in the ASOS Green Room is Fair Trade. Be sure to read the description and do a little bit of extra research if you’re unsure… or alternatively, contact me and I will do the research for you!


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