autumn wishlist

1.Organic Sateen Chinos by Monkee Genes 2. Vintage Sinatra Sunglasses from Hearts.com3. Caravan Peony Multi-colour Rug by Armadillo&Co / 4. Oliver Oxford by Nisolo5. Helena Leather Coin Purse by NV London Calcutta from Fashion-Conscience6. 15″ MacBook Jacket from The Little Market 7. Alpaca Scarf from The Little Market / 8. Chaise Bracelet by Mata Traders from Fashion-Conscience9. Alpaca Scarf from Oz Fair Trade

Since arriving in Canberra, MANY a person has told me that ANZAC Day is the cut-off between ‘warm Canberra’ and ‘freezing cold’ Canberra. Sure enough, Tom and I noticed today that a few of the trees near our home have lost their leaves! Now it truly feels like Autumn and it’s only going to get colder.

I’ve been eyeing off these goodies to get me through the colder months!


1. Monkee Genes Organic Sateen Chinos available online for £30.00GBP (on sale from £60.00GBP).

Available in a whole host of colours, these lightweight chinos are perfect for Autumn.

Ethical credentials: Otherwise certified (Soil Association).

2. Vintage Sinatra Sunglasses available online from for $16.00USD.

I just got laser eye surgery and it’s left me wanting a pair of sunglasses like these ones while there is still some sunshine!

Ethical credentials: Pre-loved.

3. Armadillo&Co Caravan Peony Multi-colour Rug available online from $1120.00AUD.

We are slowly but surely styling our new apartment in Canberra, which is largely in shades of white and grey. Poor Tom is getting sick of me asking “where is it made?”. Thankfully, we’ve agreed on one thing and that’s this gorgeous rug from Armadillo&Co. I can’t wait until we can buy it, but unfortunately it has to wait until we’ve finished buying the essentials… like a dining table and a bed frame.

Ethical credentials: Made with transparency in a fair trade arrangement in India using Fair Trade wool from Argentina.

4. Nisolo Oliver Oxford available online for $148.00USD.

As the temperature drops, I want a pair of enclosed shoes to go with everything from skinny jeans to a dress with tights. These fit the bill perfectly. Tom bought this pair of Nisolo boots last year, and he swears they are the best shoes he owns. Out of 60 odd pairs of sneakers and dress shoes.

Ethical credentialsMade with transparency in a fair trade arrangement in Peru.

5. NV London Calcutta Helena Leather Coin Purse available online from Fashion-Conscience for £16.50GBP.

I’ve written before about NV London Calcutta’s business model; “We don’t ask that you compromise your social or style standards. We wouldn’t. We quite simply bring you an ethical alternative to the things you love and an opportunity for a brighter, more secure future.

I love this company and I love this cute purse, perfect to organise your handbag if it’s chock-a-block, like mine is.

Ethical credentials: Made with transparency by a Fair Trade organisation in a fair trade arrangement in Calcutta.

6. The Little Market 15″ MacBook Jacket in Grey available online  for $180.00USD.

Also available in white and black.

It sounds minor, but the office desk in our new place is SMALL. And I’m sick of having my laptop case taking up precious space when I’m not using it.

This is an amazing case! Not only is it fairly made and beautiful, it’s also clever and so convenient – forget the hassle of taking your laptop in and out.

Ethical credentialsMade with transparency in a fair trade arrangement in India.

7. Alpaca scarf in orange available online from The Little Market for $100.00USD.

Writing this post about scarves has made me want one. It’s a cliche, but I love this bright orange for Autumn.

Ethical credentials: Made with transparency in a Ethical credentialsMade with transparency in a fair trade arrangement in Bolivia.

8. Mata Traders Chaise Bracelet in Gold available online from Fashion-Conscience for £22.95GBP (on sale from £27.00GBP).

Also available in silver. As we head into the cooler months, statement necklaces are going to be replaced by scarves. This statement cuff is the perfect substitute. I would love to get two to wear on each arm.

Plus, Mata Traders philosophy is livable wages, good working conditions, and no assembly line factory production.

Ethical credentials: Designed in Chicago and handcrafted by fair trade women’s cooperatives and artisan groups. 

9. Alpaca scarf in platinum available online from Oz Fair Trade for $55.00AUD.

Available in many other colours.

Did I say I wanted one scarf? Actually, I want two!

Ethical credentialsMade with transparency in a fair trade arrangement in Bolivia.

What do you need this season, be it Autumn or Spring for you?

Yours Fairly,



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