Happy Friday! In the comments to last week’s Fairtrade Friday post, my lovely bestie Rosie suggested a post about scarves. So here it is!

It’s actually excellent timing, since it’s starting to get cold in Canberra. I know it’s not happening everywhere yet – I hear Perth was 35 degrees Celsius today – but if the temperature is dropping in Canberra, winter is coming (sorry, but Game of Thrones is back!)

Scarves truly are the easiest Fair Trade item to buy. I’m not exaggerating. There is a massive variety in every colour, fabric, and pattern imaginable. It was hard to narrow down, but here are some of my favourites:

ONEFAIRDAY Ethical scarves

1. Alpaca Scarf in red from The Little Market for $100.00USD / 2. Batik Cotton Infinity Scarf from Global Goods Partners for $45.00USD / 3. Handpainted Silk Scarf in soft watercolour from Connected Goods for $180.00USD / 4. Knitted Snood from Fashion-Conscience for £25.00GBP /5. Alpaca Scarf in office grey from Oz Fair Trade for $55.00AUD / 6. Color Block Infinity Scarf from Hearts.com for $15.20USD


1. Alpaca Scarf in red available online from The Little Market for $100.00USD.

I continue my love for Lauren Conrad and the ethical shop she cofounded!

Ethical credentials: Made with transparency

2. Batik Cotton Infinity Scarf available online from Global Goods Partners for $45.00USD.

This gorgeous scarf reminds me of the midnight sky. I think it would be perfect on a cool winter’s night with a tailored blazer in black or white.

Ethical credentials: Made by a Fair Trade Federation

3. Handpainted Silk Scarf in soft watercolour available online from Connected Goods for $180.00USD.

Okay, so this scarf is definitely a splurge. But is it not the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen? There are plenty of other gorgeous patterns and colours available.

Ethical credentials: Made by a Fair Trade Federation

4. Fair + True Knitted Snood available online from Fashion-Conscience for £25.00GBP.

This is similar to a grey snood I bought from People Tree last year. I wore it to death because it is so versatile. Highly recommended.

Ethical credentials: Made with transparency

5. Alpaca Scarf in office grey available online from Oz Fair Trade for $55.00.

Again, there are lots of different colours in this beautiful scarf. I cannot decided between this one, the platinum and the orange.

Ethical credentials: Made by a World Fair Trade Organization

6. Color Block Infinity Scarf from Hearts.com for $15.20USD.

I love red paired with a warm neutral, like on this scarf. Not to mention, it’s super affordable.

Ethical credentials: Made with transparency

I can’t wait to start wearing scarves! What’s the weather like where you are?
Yours Fairly,


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