The idea that a t-shirt is a “basic essential” is a complete folly. Essential. Yes, of course. But that very fact means that the perfect t-shirt must be FAR from basic. The fit, sleeve cut, neckline, colour, heaviness of the fabric, softness of the fabric… all super essential important for a t-shirt that looks good with everything from jeans to a pencil shirt and feels good enough for you to want to wear it everyday.

Thus, my mission for the perfect t-shirt is seemingly never ending.

I have trialled and I have error-ed. At the beginning of last year, I thought that I finally found the right one. It was slouchy but the material was thin, so it didn’t add too much bulk. But the thin material didn’t last (holes after two gentle washes). Oh, and it was made by a company that operated out of Rana Plaza in Bangladesh. So, yeah, obviously that was a deal-breaker.

Given the t-shirt is an essential, I’ve wanted to blog about one for a while. But I haven’t found one that ticked the ethical box, as well as those many other pesky boxes I’ve listed already.

Until now.

Introducing No Nasties. I’m a fan.



Ethical credentialsFairtrade certifiedotherwise certified (GOTS)

I bought a couple of plain women’s tees (in white and black) since I like my basics, well, basic. They arrived last week and I was stoked to find them:

  • soft
  • flattering  – great scoop neckline, hip length, and fabric that skims without cling.
  • NOT see-through (even the white)
  • super affordable. When I did the conversion from Indian rupee to Australian dollars, my eyes probably bulged out of my head. Just $25.00AUD each… including postage!

I think that the sleeve would be a little more flattering if it were a bit longer, but really – all other boxes considered – it’s pretty low on my list of worries.

High on my list of happy things, is the fact that No Nasties emailed me after I bought the tees online, asking how I found out about them (Google, naturally). Super kindly, No Nasties are offering my readers an amazing 30% off . Jump on their website, order away and get your discount with the code OneFairDay. The code is valid until 1 April!

Yours Fairly,


P.S. A post with an outfit featuring one of these shirts coming soon!


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