So it’s the Academy Awards this weekend and I’m invested. Why? Because I really want Leonardo DiCaprio to win an Oscar. Can you believe he has never won one? What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. Romeo + Juliet. Titanic. The Beach. Revolutionary Road. The Aviator. The Departed. Inception. Django Unchained. The Great Gatsby. The guy’s filmography reads like a list of best rated films on Rotten Tomatoes. Not only has he starred in popular and critically acclaimed films, his starring roles have been incredibly diverse. Snubbed much? Let’s just put it this way: Titanic won eleven oscars, Kate Winslet was nominated for best actress, but he didn’t even get a nomination. I’m just going to share this video to let that sink in a little:

My personal favourite Leo film is Blood Diamond. I was 17 when it came out and watching it blew my mind, opening it up to a whole host of issues I had never before considered; most obviously, the ethics of the diamond industry (see that segue I did there?). Thankfully, if you’re on the path to getting engaged or married, you can drop the hint to your significant other that there are a plenty of gorgeous rings made with ethical, conflict-free diamonds:


Clarity Project Round Solitaire from $1650AUD.
Ethical credentials: Mined and made with transparency (there is no Fairtrade certification for diamonds yet, but the Clarity Project partner with TransFair USA, the Fair Trade USA certifier)

Clarity Project Halo from $4750AUD
Ethical credentials: Mined and made with transparency


Clarity Project Princess from $3250AUD
Ethical credentials: Mined and made with transparencyBE1BDB15R15-SB6RD_white_top_t_w200_h200

Brilliant Earth Sapphire Halo Diamond Ring from $3025AUD
 Ethical credentials: Mined and made with transparency


Halo Diamond Ring in Rose Gold  from $1180AUD
Ethical credentials: Mined and made with transparency

I do love all of these (ohh… that was lame. Sorry.) Some more gorgeous ideas over at Let’s Be Fair Blog.

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