I’ve already shared some photos (here and here) of the time I spent working in Geneva, Switzerland last year. I also took some snippets of video and, despite the poor quality, I’m so glad I did because watching this video brings back so many memories: the moment when I momentarily forgot my fear of flying when I looked out of the plane window and saw snow-covered mountains; the (LONG) walk up and down the stairs to my fourth-floor apartment in a 19th century building in Eaux-Vives and the gorgeous glimpse of the lake I got when I burst out onto the street;    how excited I was when it snowed the day before I left; the bells of Saint Pierre that chimed every fifteen minutes and which I heard from the hostel I spent my last two weeks at… and how cold the winter wind was by that point in my trip.

Some of the sights in the video are:

I’m going to write about each of these places and my other recommendations for Geneva and the region in an upcoming post. In the meantime, I hope this watching this video this weekend transports you to this beautiful part of Switzerland for a moment!

Yours Fairly,


Song: Don’t Panic by Coldplay

P.S. The reason for the delay in uploading this video was that I couldn’t decide on which song to set it to! It’s incredible how much a song can change the atmosphere of a video. I finally reverted to my first artist choice – Coldplay.

Originally I was going to go with ‘Clocks’ (which takes me back to the weekly spin class I did at WHO where it was one of the tracks and I was bemused by the irony of the line ‘Am I a part of the cure? Or am I part of the disease?). After all, Switzerland is of course the country of clocks! Clocks is just too long of a song, but  Coldplay still seemed appropriate (a little bit vanilla and inoffensive, just like Switzerland) and the mood was right. Plus, the title and lyrics remind me of my initial panic about going overseas just before moving and how at odds that panic ended up being to the peaceful, beautiful two months I spent in Geneva.


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