***I know it’s now actually Saturday. Please accept my apologies. This week’s inspirational quote in my 2014 diary says “you can do anything, but not everything.” And, this week (moving week), there couldn’t be a more relevant quote! Plus, our internet connection is now no-more, which makes research and online blogging… kinda hard.

As you may or may not know, I’m moving state this Friday. I’ve read that moving is one of the most stressful life events ever. And I concur. So in this slightly-belated-due-to-stressful-packing-situations post, I’m talking ethical moving essentials to get you/me through it.


Glasshouse Monet’s Garden Tuberose Candle for $39.95AUD.
Tuberose- with calming lavender. Burn it while packing, then use the empty jar to store little bits and pieces you don’t want to get lost on route.
Ethical credentials: Handmade in AustraliamilkchocolatebarDivine Milk Chocolate for £2.00GBP (available from Heart of Chocolate, if you’re in Australia).
I’ve really amped up my chocolate-eating to… nightly. Not ideal – but a couple of squares with a cup of tea really does help the stress levels. At least it’s good quality and Fairtrade.
Ethical credentials:


Connected Goods Cruelty Free Luggage Tag for $30.00USD.
A little something to get your bags from A to B (Perth to Canberra, in my case). Also a lovely gift for someone who is going travelling.
Ethical: Made by a Fair Trade Federation organisation.tea


Hampstead Camomile Tea from Fair Go Trading for $6.70AUD.
Tea helps with everything, packing included. I find camomile super calming, so I’m lucky a friend bought me a box for Christmas. Thanks, Cass.
Ethical credentials: Fairtrade

Next Friday will be my last day in Perth with family and friends and then I will be on the plane to my new life in Canberra! So, I’m going to take the pressure off and have a little hiatus from blogging… but I will be here in spirit.

Yours Fairly,




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