Here in Perth, we’ve just had our first heatwave of the Summer (36, 38, 39, 37, 40 degrees Celsius) and I think it’s (finally) jolted me out of the seasonal confusion I was stuck in post-return from Geneva. I’m looking forward to a summer full of beach time and craving these to go with it:
Summer Wishlist

1. Pachacuti Wide Brim Panama / 2. Ruby Rocks Fairly Made Aztec Frill Top from / 3. Everyday Coconut Daily Face Lotion SPF 15 from / 4. Acure Organics Conditioner with Moroccan Argan Stem Cell + Argan Oil from / 5. Rishi Tea Organic Rooibos and Hisbiscus Tea from / 6. Oxfam ‘Catch all’ Shoulder Bag / 7. Etiko White Lowcuts / 8. Connected Goods Fair Trade Ethiopian Cotton Anything Towel


1. Wide Brim Panama Hat by Pachacuti for £55.00GBP.

Pachacuti is the first ever World Fair Trade Organization, specialising in hats. And, boy, do they make beautiful ones. One of these would last for summers to come.

I also like the Bardot.

Ethical credentials: Made by a World Fair Trade Organization.

2. Fairly Made Aztec Frill Top by Ruby Rocks from Fashion-Conscience for £45.00GBP.

The peplum trend gets another update with the latest trend in prints – the aztec print. I think the peplum trend has another season up its sleeve and, to be honest, I’m just going to keep wearing it anyways because it suits my body shape. I justify it with something Audrey Hepburn calls style before trends.

Ethical credentials: Made with transparency

3.  Daily Face Lotion SPF 15 by Everyday Coconut from for $7.20AUD (on sale from $8.04AUD!) for 354 ml.

Coconut and summer are made for each other. My pale skin will need a stronger SPF for the beach but this is perfect for everyday and has awesome reviews on its consistency and smell.

Ethical credentials: Otherwise certified (Fair for Life)

4. Conditioner with Moroccan Argan Stem Cell + Argan Oil by Acure Organics from for $8.62AUD (on sale from 9.63!) for 235 ml.

Hydrating conditioner to help repair and protect from the sun and salt.

Ethical credentials: Fair Trade certified ingredients

5. Organic Rooibos and Hisbiscus Tea (loose) by Rishi Tea from for $6.80AUD (on sale from $7.59AUD).

These leaves would be perfect for a refreshing and floral iced tea. I also want to make iced tea with this Fair Trade cut and sifted hibiscus flower by Frontier Natural Products ($17.50 for 453grams) and this Organic Green Tea with Essence of Peach by Choice Tea ($5.78 on sale from $6.45AUD). Delicious.

Ethical credentials: Fair Trade certified

6. ‘Catch all’ Shoulder Bag from Oxfam for $129.95AUD.

I associate anything nautical with summer. I love this striped bag for the beach. I  also think that this men’s red Morris Stripe Boatneck Shirt would make a great oversized cover-up.

Ethical credentials: Made by a Fair Trade Organization

7. White Lowcuts by Etiko from the Fairtrade Shop for $90.00AUD.

I’ve been eyeing off these white sneakers for a while. I think they would be perfect for outdoor summer activities – walks, hikes, music festivals, even running everyday errands around Christmastime.

Ethical credentials: Fairtrade certified; Otherwise certified (GOTS)

8. Fair Trade Ethiopian Cotton Anything Towel from Connected Goods for $60.ooUSD.

These gorgeous towels (with yellow, blue, pink or plain white) are apparently good for ‘anything’. My ‘anything’ would be sprawled on the beach reaching a good book.

Ethical credentials: Made by a Fair Trade Federation organization

What’s on your summer wishlist?

Yours Fairly,



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