Maybe it’s curiosity, or maybe I’m just nosey – I love to see what people carry around. It started from a young age… Those who I went to high school with might remember swapping purses when we were in year 8 to inspect the others’ contents. We would pull out all the membership cards, examine the key-rings, and admire any photographs – together, the intimate items gave a unique insight into the owner’s personality. I think this is what I still love about seeing the inside of somebody’s purse. But I’ve since graduated from peeking inside purses to looking inside bags… And I do it online through ‘what’s inside my bag’ posts, one of my favourite blog posts to read!

I now have the perfect opportunity to actually write a ‘what’s inside my bag’ post, having just returned from a short break to the UK to spend time with my adopted aunt and uncle in Manchester and my cousins in Kent. It was a whirlwind but wonderful visit that started with a flight from Geneva to Liverpool and ended with a flight back to Geneva out of London. Whether the flight is short (like the ones I just did) or long-haul (like the one I will do back to Australia next Saturday), these are my on-flight essentials:





Something for comfort

A pair of soft pants (People Tree‘s Fairtade black leggings, featured in this post), a neck cushion (not pictured); and these adorable Guatemalan worry dolls (a gift from Oxfam from a thoughtful friend… I’m scared of flying. I know, it’s irrational).

Something for writing

A journal and pens for jotting down thoughts, ideas, and travel plans on route (both these journals are gifts from friends. The patterned journal is from Oxfam, but it was bought a few years ago. Check out the current Fair Trade range from Oxfam).

Something for reading

A good book that’s not too heavy, not too light… weight-wise, not necessarily subject-wise… (Over-dressed by Elizabeth L. Cline).

Something to snack on

Individual packaged natural foods – such as nut bars – travel best and keep hunger at bay (thankyou bar. Thankyou is an interesting new company making breakfast cereals, snacks and body care using natural, ethically-sourced products. Some of the profits go to community development projects, which – from the website – look well thought out, appropriate and sustainable).

Something to freshen up with

Hand sanitiser (Dr Bronner’s Fair For Life Sanitizing Spray… featured recently in Women’s Day); lip balm (Badger Fair Trade Lip Balm); toothbrush, paste and floss; comb and hair elastics; emery board. A little bag to put this all in (this one is from an op shop. Check out the cute ranges from Ten Thousand Villages).

…For carrying it all

A large, sturdy bag (this Oxfam red bag was a gift from a lovely friend of mine).

Other necessities

Purse (I have posted about my purse here); phone (when my current phone ceases to work, I’m going to replace it with this phone. The red phone case was a gift); passport, for obvious reasons; and headphones, for on-flight films and to kill time listening to music at the airport.

Added extras

Umbrella (borrowed from Mum) because it’s always raining in the UK, or so I thought. Turns out the weather was actually quite lovely and I didn’t have to use this (note that some airports won’t let you bring an umbrella on board).

Have you got any upcoming trips planned? What’s in your bag (I’m not nosey only curious, I swear)?

Yours Fairly,


P.S. I realised in writing this post that I use a lot of thoughtful gifts from friends and family. If you were one of the generous souls you bought one of the things mentioned in this post, thank you!


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