Tomorrow will mark my half way point at the World Health Organization! It’s absolutely flying. I have been so busy the days have rolled into one. I’m constantly on the go but I’m loving it – it’s such an exciting and interesting environment.

When I paused for a moment yesterday, during lunch, I realised one of my colleagues is always wearing interesting necklaces. I felt a little pang of envy because all of my jewellery is at home in Perth. I packed pretty light (read: in a hurry), and definitely too light on jewellery (I also could have done with an extra pair of shoes, for sure). For now, I will just have to fantasise about the jewellery I wish I owned and could wear while in Geneva…
FTF Jewellery

1. People Tree Crescent Statement Necklace (available at ASOS) / 2. Made stacking rings (available at ASOS) / 3. Dogeared Wishbone Stud Earrings (available at ASOS) / 4. House of Metalworks Teary Drop Earrings (available on Etsy) / 5. Mata Traders Pharoah Silver Cuff (available at Fashion-Conscience)


1. Crescent Statement Necklace by People Tree available at ASOS for $70.24AUD.

I’m still loving the statement necklace trend. This is the latest take on that trend – the layered statement necklace.

Ethical credentials: Made by Fairtrade Organization

2. Set of three stacking rings by Made available at ASOS for $27.73AUD.

For necklaces, it’s about the statement. But for rings, it’s as dainty as can be. It’s kind of ironic, but perhaps it’s to help balance you out when you’re wearing them all at once? I’ve been coveting these delicate gold rings by Made for a while.

Ethical credentials: Made with transparency in a fair trade arrangement in Kenya

3. Wishbone Stud Earrings by Dogeared available at ASOS for $64.69AUD.

I think these are wistful and so sweet.

Ethical credentials: Made in the USA

4. Teary drop earrings by House of Metalworks available on Etsy for $30.37USD

I’ve also been coveting these off for a while. I’m picturing pairing them with a sleek black dress, ’20s-style hair and red lipstick.

Ethical credentials: Handmade in the USA

5.  Pharoah Silver Cuff by Mata Traders available at Fashion-Conscience for £15GBP

I’ve always loved a silver cuff. This one caught my eye a couple of days again. It’s also available in gold.

Ethical credentials: Made by a Fair Trade Organization

Which jewellery trend is your favourite?

Yours Fairly,



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