Few people in the world don’t use some sort of body wash. Sadly, of the few who don’t have access to (or can’t afford) body wash, many are in extreme poverty – and ironically many people who create body wash or the ingredients in body wash are in this same group, living on less than $2.00AUD per day.

So I was pretty stoked when, a few months ago I stumbled upon a body wash certified Fair For Life on iHerb.com… And for just $11.19USD. Amazing!! You can’t even buy regular ol’ unfair body wash for that.

Ethical credentials: Fair For Life certified





It’s by Alaffia, the same folks who made the shampoo and conditioner I reviewed last month. You might remember that, in that post, I talked about how I now find the artificial scents in shampoo and conditioner too sickly sweet. The same applies to body wash. But that’s not to say scent isn’t important, as I found out through using Alaffia’s Everyday Shea Moisturizing Body Wash in Vanilla Mint.

Don’t get me wrong, this body wash is really good at what it’s meant to do – wash you. I actually felt much cleaner after using this body wash than when using my previous generic-brand body wash that I bought from the supermarket. As a bonus, it’s super soft and feels lovely against your skin. It won’t leave your skin feeling dried out…

…Which is a little surprising given that it smells a little like chlorine.

Vanilla Mint. That sounds incredible right? It is practically my favourite type of icecream (choc mint). Also, I have this weird obsession with mint-scented body washes and lotions. I think it comes from brushing my teeth using minty toothpaste. For me minty = CLEAN. So I was pretty disappointed on first use when the mint scent didn’t come across too strongly. The next time I used it, well,  it just smelt like a swimming pool. I have persevered and given it a good trial (as you can tell from the photos by how much remains in the bottle). For some reason, it smells a little different every time. Never unpleasant, but sometimes a little more chlorine-y than other times. Maybe it’s my sense of smell? Maybe it’s the mix of vanilla and mint? Maybe I need to shake the bottle?!! Suffice to say, I’m not going to buy this scent again.

But I WILL buy this product and try another scent. There are far too many pluses – amazing price point, wonderfully soft and effective, no synthetic fragrances, paraben free, not tested on animals, FAIRLY MADE. I’m all about community empowerment.


There are a few other scents – should I get Lavender, Lemon-LavenderPeppermint… Or should I play it safe with an Unscented Body Wash?

Yours Fairly,


P.S. Have you bought your fairly made Halloween treats yet?

P.P.S If you’re in Switzerland (like I currently am) or elsewhere in Europe or the Americas it’s still currently Thursday, which means it’s still World Polio Day. As I’m currently working at the World Health Organization in the polio eradication department, this is a topic very close to my heart. Polio affects our worlds most vulnerable; people living in extreme poverty and children. But did you know that polio is 99.9% eradicated? Spread the word to #endpolio for good!


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  1. Rosie Baker
    October 26, 2013 / 3:39 AM

    I absolutely love mint/lime/vanilla etc for a scent too! Last resort you could buy unscented and add your own scent? I wonder if it would last.

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