Autumn. Pumpkin season. If you live in the Northern Hemisphere (or just-so-happen to be there at the moment, like me) those two coinciding events mean it’s around Halloween time.


Look what I happened upon at the Plainpalais market.

You know what I find scary about Halloween? Well, the idea of thousands of children gorging themselves on sugary treats is scary enough. The idea that these sugary treats might not be fairly made is worse.

Let’s convert Halloween into a holiday that empowers others; the producers of the treats you give out will benefit from a fair wage. The kids who receive the treats will benefit not only from receiving delicious sweets, but also from receiving a message about the importance of considering others around the world.

Halloween is just under two weeks away – on Thursday week. Place your order online in the next few days to allow enough time for your fairly traded treats to arrive.

Halloween chocolate collage1. Mini chocolates by Divine2. Gum by Glee (no longer available on iHerb.com) / 3. Chocolate coins by Divine (available from Natural Candy Store) / 4. Mini chocolates by Equal Exchange / 5. Treat size chocolate bars by Cadbury / 6. Dubble bars by Divine


1. Divine Mini Chocolates available online for £29.50GBP for 200.

Individually wrapped bite-sized chocolates, available in milk or dark chocolate.

2. Glee Gum

 3. Divine Chocolate Coins available from Natural Candy Store. Price varies according to weight, starting from $7.95USD for half a pound. Note: This product only ships to the USA and Canada -but then again, Halloween seems to be celebrated most in North America.

There’s milk chocolate. Or there’s dark chocolate for something more… rich (excuse the pun). These individually wrapped coins are embossed with ‘Fairtrade’ to help spread the word. Awesome!

4. Equal Exchange Chocolate Minis available online for $24.00USD for 150. Note: this product only ships to the USA.

Chocolate with a hint of hazelnut. Sounds good to me, but you might want to warn any kids with nut allergies.

5. Cadbury Treat Size Dairy Milk Chocolate Bars available in most supermarkets. Price varies depending on supermarket and country. I’ve seen them on special in my local Coles – 2 packets of 15 for $6.00AUD.

Don’t worry if you leave it too late to order fairly traded chocolates online (or forget altogether until kids come knocking on your door)! Rush out to the store and buy a packet of treat size Dairy Milk chocolate bars. Not only are they affordable and available everywhere, they’re also Fairtrade certified. And Dairy Milk is a hit amongst kids of all ages.

6. Divine Dubble Bar available online for £7.00GBP for 10 (5 white chocolate, 5 milk chocolate with crispy rice crunch).

I think these would probably disappear before I had the chance to give them away…

We don’t really celebrate Halloween in Australia, so this post has been a novelty to research and write. Will you be celebrating Halloween? In costume?

Yours Fairly,




  1. October 26, 2013 / 3:49 PM

    Totally agree. Halloween is a missed opportunity when it comes to making a difference. If everyone bought fairtrade chocolate it could be a ‘treat’ for more than just the consumers.

    • Ashlee
      October 26, 2013 / 10:15 PM

      Thank you so much, Roxanne! I love the way you’ve described this… ‘a treat for more than just the consumers’. Perfect.

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