The tail end of this year is going so fast. I actually had to go through my previous posts to make sure I hadn’t accidentally missed a One Fair Month post for August. And where did September go?

This was a crazy month. It was a month of change and movement, and I spent much of it feeling out-of-control busy. I felt like I was constantly switching between urgent tasks and looking anxiously to the next thing on the agenda, rather than spending time in the present. I’m really thankful for this post and the opportunity to spend a bit of time reflecting on the last month. Last month, I was grateful for:

1. Continuing to make headway on my List of Things to do before Canberra. Perhaps part of the reason that September went so fast is because I was so busy ticking things off this list.

2. The opportunity to work at the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland.

Another month, another job opportunity in a different city. The biggest news of August was the news that I will be moving to Canberra at the end of this year to accept a position I applied for. The biggest news of September was my decision to go to Geneva for six weeks (leaving this Thursday!) to complete an internship at the World Health Organization. When it rains, it pours. Sort of like this famous giant fountain in Geneva, the Jet d’Eau (literally jet of water).


Image from City Hostel

3. Tom’s unwavering support. I think I’ve already expressed my gratitude at Tom’s support in a past One Fair Month post.
The decision to go to Geneva was not easy and I spent MANY weeks (more than I’d care to admit) analysing the different factors at play. Tom has been a massive advocate of me going to Geneva and has been very patient in letting me rehash the same analysis to him over and over during my decision-making process. I’m so grateful to have him around to help me recognise my fears and give me the push I needed to just get over them. I enjoyed these flowers, too (and the furniture in the background, before we sold it all).


4. The Australian election on 7 September.

No, I’m not particularly grateful for the result, but I’m definitely grateful that we have the right to vote… and our democratic rights don’t begin and end with an election. We also have the right to voice our concerns to our new government throughout their term and to that end I’m visiting my Member of Parliament (Steve Irons, Liberal) next week.

This article made me feel better about the election result and the fact that we now have an ultra-conservative government that isn’t too keen on foreign aid and global poverty alleviation, women’s representation in politics, or a whole other bunch of issues I care  about.

5. Graduating from university!

Yes! After five-and-a-half-years, I’ve finally officially graduated (Bachelor of Laws/ Bachelor of Arts majoring in International Relations and Political Science; French. Whatta mouthful).





Dress is by Myer Miss Shop (Made in Australia) / Shoes are by Melissa
Both items are pre-loved from eBay

6. Attending Kate and Paul’s wedding. We were so grateful to be part of Kate and Paul’s wedding, including their gorgeous first dance and hilarious garter-toss. Congratulations to a wonderful couple.


Dress is by Cue (Made in Australia, Fabric from Europe) / Shoes are old

7. Volunteering with the amazing group of people at Upside Nepal. Planning and pizza.



8. Making new ‘virtual’ friends through this blog.

I’m extremely grateful to Chanelle of Not So Naked, Ilana of Little Treasures, and Christy of Beyond the Fried for getting in touch with me.

9. Wonderful ‘non-virtual’ friends, particularly Cass who sent me this postcard. YOU are wonderful!


10. My Dad’s legacy.

I’m grateful for my Dad’s legacy everyday, but particularly in September when it’s Fathers’ Day (in Australia) and my Dad’s birthday.


>What were you grateful for in the month of September?

Yours Fairly,




  1. October 7, 2013 / 8:23 AM

    Ooo, congratulations on the internship! Obviously it was a very hard decision but in my experience the scariest thing to do is usually the right one. Plus, I’ve never heard of anybody coming back from an overseas internship related to their field who said it was a waste of their time/money. You’ll do well :)

    • Ashlee
      October 7, 2013 / 8:44 AM

      Thank you so much! I read a quote somewhere along the lines of “the things you fear most are usually the things you most need to do.” I’m sure it will be a great opportunity for growth precisely because it frightens me! I’m busy researching some tobacco options for you ;) Stay tuned!

  2. October 11, 2013 / 8:22 AM

    Thanks for the shout-out! Sounds like you have some amazing adventures planned.

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