Selling many of our belongings (and packing up what remains) in preparation for our move to Canberra is making the reality of our big change set in… But it’s also getting me excited about decorating a new house.

My home style has definitely evolved since Tom and I have been together, growing to like his tastes (very minimalist or mid-century modern with a focus on crisp lines and luxurious materials). I’m looking forward to settling into a home decorated in ‘our style’ rather than ‘my style’. In the meantime it’s fun to browse Fairtrade homewares… And it’s even better when Tom peers over my shoulder and exclaims, “I like that, too!” Homeware Collage

1. Household Wisdom by Shannon Lush and Jennifer Fleming (available at ABC online) / 2. Waterfall Pillow Cases by Story Company / 3. Ceramic Bowl with Bronze Inner by Oxfam / 4. Striped Towels by Glo / 5. Herringbone Weave Rug by Armadillo & Co / 6.  Alpacca Wool Throw by Oxfam


1. Household Wisdom from ABC online for $29.00AUD.

I spied this book in the post office today. The blurb promises tips to help create a comfy home while saving money, time, and the planet. Sounds good to me.

2. Story Company Waterfall Pillow Cases available online for $16.00USD (on sale!)

This is a company to watch. They produce beautiful, on-trend homewares and jewellery that empower people living in poverty.

Ethical credentials: Made with transparency under Fair Trade Principles (Story Company are currently applying to become part of the Fair Trade Federation).

3. Oxfam Ceramic Bowl with Bronze Inner available online or in store for $16.95AUD.

A unique take on classic white crockery. I fell in love with these at the Oxfam store on Tuesday. They are meant to be used for serving starters or nibblies, but I would buy six and create a set to use everyday- to eat museli or fresh salads out of.

Ethical credentials: Made by a Fair Trade Organization.

4. Glo Striped Towels available online for $40.00AUD.

What is better than big, soft white towels? Not much, really. Only big, soft white Fairtade towels.

Ethical credentials: Made with Fairtrade cotton, otherwise certified (GOTS).

5. Armadillo & Co Herringbone Weave Rug in charcoal and limestone available online. Prices vary according to size.

This company makes some seriously gorgeous floor coverings in India using traditional hand weaving techniques. There are countless designs, sizes and colours available. I want one in every room.

Ethical credentials: Handmade with transparency according to Fair Trade Principles, otherwise certified (Kaleen).

6. Oxfam Alpacca Wool Throw in blue available  online or in store for $139.00AUD.

When I told a friend of mine (a Canberra local) that I was moving there, she responded, “prepare for frost.” I’m preparing- I think this heavy throw rug will come in handy on cold nights.

Ethical credentials: Made by a Fair Trade Organization.

In keeping with the herringbone theme, I also like this Herringbone Throw available from Connected Goods for $117.00USD. Connected Goods is part of the Fair Trade Federation.

Also on Connected Goods is this gorgeous glass storage box:

Glass storage box available from Connected Goods for $30.00USD.

I have this theory that storing things visibly encourages you to use them. It works for me no matter what it is- fruit in a fruit bowl rather than in the crisper in my fridge where it inevitably is overlooked. Perfume on the counter top rather than tucked away in some forgotten cupboard. I would use these for storing stationary (like pictured) or for jewellery, nail polishes or lipsticks. Any other ideas?

Yours Fairly,




  1. Rosie Baker
    October 5, 2013 / 11:46 AM

    Loooove the pillow cases!

  2. October 30, 2013 / 7:06 PM

    Yes this is the best way to get the different items from the trade fair. I also get many trendy items from the ISHA FAIR TRADE.

    • Ashlee
      January 16, 2014 / 12:09 PM

      So great! :-)

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