We can’t live without our phones, it’s true. This week, I received a letter from my phone provider advising that my contract has concluded and I am now eligible to purchase a new phone. I rely on my smartphone quite a bit -in fact I’m writing this post on my smartphone! However, my current phone works fine so (keeping the environment in mind) I’m going to continue using it even though it’s “old”. But if I were to purchase a new phone in the near future, I know which phone it would be… But it hasn’t yet been built.

As a consumer, ethical shopping isn’t just about searching for Fairtrade items that are currently available. One of the most powerful ways to change the way companies make their products, is to support companies who are pursuing an alternative model.

Introducing the Dutch company “Fairphone”. They make – you guessed it – fair phones.

“Buy a phone start a movement.” As their slogan suggests, Fairphone not only aim to make fair smartphones for everyday use; they also aim to revolutionise the way companies and consumers think about their involvement in technological supply chains around the world. “A seriously cool phone that puts social values first.” Incredible, right?!


Ethical credentials: Made with transparency according to Fairtrade principals.

The first batch of Fairphones are currently in production but if you’re in Europe you can preorder online now. And if you’re elsewhere in the world maybe send Fairphone an email or a tweet, encouraging them to send Fairphone worldwide. If you’re feeling really inspired, why not write to some of the more well known phone brands (one is named after a piece of fruit) and encourage them to follow in Fairphone’s ethical footsteps.

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