I’m really sad this morning. Tomorrow, the Australian federal election takes place. Light night, the Coalition announced that they would cut foreign aid by $4.5billion AUD over the next four years if elected. Already, some have commented that this is not a ‘cut’ in that the overall amount of money will not be reduced. The aid and international development sector consider this a ‘cut’ because it reduces the percentage of Australia’s Gross National Income that is spent on foreign aid from 0.37% to 0.31%. This is despite a promise made by the Coalition in 2007 that aid would be increased to 0.5% of GNI by next year.

Further, aid programs work on long term projections meaning that current life-saving programs WILL be affected. AusAID have already created their budget for the next financial year and will now have to reduce that budget by $600million AUD. To put it in perspective, that amount of money would have bought enough polio vaccines to vaccinate every person living in extreme poverty (all 1.2 billion of them)… three times over. In turn, that would have ensured we eradicate polio by the year 2018 and would have prevented thousands of incidences of disability and death caused by polio, which mostly affects children under the age of 5.

I’m confident that we will still eradicate extreme poverty, though it may be further away now than I thought it was yesterday. In the interim, families will be suffering and I’m acutely feeling for their pain and loss of life, which could have been prevented. We can afford it; it’s a matter of priority and where we choose to put our money. If you believe that human life and dignity is important (for whatever reason – be it religious, moral, or otherwise) now more than ever, it’s important to use the power of our purchases and our voices to support people living in extreme poverty – people who did not choose the circumstances of their birth. That’s why, as frivolous as it seems in the circumstances, I am still sharing this planned post on Fairtrade underwear!

Pairs of good, supportive underwear are a bit like friends – it’s hard to go without… and it’s always good to have a few. Unlike friends, it’s highly likely you will have to replace your underwear fairly often. Next time you need new knickers, why not replace them ethically?

For ladies (and possibly men, too…?) underwear can make or break an outfit in terms of comfort and appearance (VPL? Inappropriate underwear at the gym?) Sometimes you need practical, sometimes you need pretty.


1. Fair Trade Dotty Knicker Shorts by Life’s Not Fair (available at Fashion-Conscience) / 2. Women’s Classic Black  by Pants to Poverty / 3. Scalloped Lace Hipster Knickers by Kinky Knickers (available at ASOS) / 4. Hipster Panties by Good & Fair



1. Life’s Not Fair Fair Trade Dotty Knicker Shorts (available at Fashion-Conscience) for £9.80GBP (on sale!).

No, life’s not fair. But polka dots? A little bow? These are so sweet! Trimmed with antique lace for prettiness and cut slightly higher at the back for practicality. Also available in grey and pink (and with matching camisole vests, if it pleases you!).

Ethical credentials: Made using Fairtrade cotton in a Fair Trade arrangement in India.

3. Kinky Knickers Scalloped Lace Hipster Knickers available on ASOS from $13.59AUD (on sale!).

There are lots of different colours available, including nude, pink and nude, pink and orange, and black and nude. I bought a couple of pairs when I first spied them on ASOS a few months ago and I can confirm that these are the softest, most comfortable ‘pretty’ knickers that you will ever own. The hipster rise is slightly more modest than a super low rise, which means your bottom will stay covered if you happen to sit down or bend over. And an added bonus – no VPL!




Ethical credentials: Made in the UK (close to where I used to live, in Middleton!) using British lace.


2. Pants to Poverty Women’s Classic Black available online for $22.00AUD.

Pants to Poverty sell many different styles: for men or women; in plain, coloured or striped. Vests are also available – and all Fairtrade. Why? Because poverty is pants (anyone with English heritage will get this reference).

Ethical credentials: Made using Fairtrade cotton.

4. Good & Fair Hipster Panties available online for $12.00USD.

Also available in black and sky blue.

Ethical credentials: Fair Trade certified.

With love and hope.

Yours Fairly,




  1. September 15, 2013 / 7:42 AM

    wow, I’ve never even given thought to finding ethically certified knickers before, which is silly of me. No sultry lingerie, though?! :(

    • Ashlee
      September 19, 2013 / 4:30 PM

      It’s a bit crazy when you start considering that every single item we purchase has an origin! It’s definitely not silly at all because we’re all used to carrying on without a second thought… I’ve been there. As for lingerie, stay tuned for a post this Saturday! I’m doing some research and will share some results with you on the blog then. A girl needs nice lingerie!

      Thanks for following on :-)

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