It’s the end of August 2013. This year is going so fast! It feels like only yesterday that I was reflecting on what I was grateful for in the month of July. In August, I was grateful for…

1. Finding out I was successful in a job I applied for… in Canberra!

The biggest news of August was definitely the news that I will be moving interstate to take up the position next year. Tom and I spent a large portion of August beginning to organise for our move… and there’s still so much to do.

2. My work, including…

…A work trip to Jurien Bay. It was a peaceful (well, apart from a brief scare where I thought we might run out of petrol) drive two hours north of Perth for a speaking gig at the local district school. It was a great way to round off the end of my time as State Coordinator for the Global Poverty Project.



…Our volunteers! I met up with some of our wonderful volunteers last weekend at City Farm, where they were hosting a vote to end poverty. Thank you girls, for your hard work and commitment. It’s a privilege to work with you and share my passion for Fairtrade with you! :)


3. Drinking lots of tea and coffee.


4. My friend Emma, who does my nails.

5. Rain. It was so wet in August – the first real rain we’ve had this winter. And lots of rain means lots of green.



6. Spending lots of time with family. I’ve spent many afternoons at my Nanna and Grandad’s place.


And whenever Mum is in Perth, she, Tom, and I have been spending lots of time together.

Especially drinking coffee…


…And at my friend Freya’s work (150 East Bar & Restaurant), which is only fifteen minutes walk along the river from our house.


7. Having lots of nice catch-ups with friends. I joined my friend Bec to celebrate little Ayla’s first birthday! Bec baked this gorgeous, colourful (and delicious) cake. Yes, so talented!


My friend Jack has been living in Europe and has had a couple of weeks back in Perth. We had a wonderful dinner together! Another friend, Shane, who I met in Europe came to Perth and we did a bit of sightseeing together -exploring some of the Swan Valley and taking in this incredible view from King’s Park.


8. Roast vegetables. Since it’s been cold, I’ve been roasting the hell out of any vegetable I can get my hands on.




9. Physiotherapists and Pilates. I sprained my ankle (for the fifth time!) playing netball and spent four weeks off it while it healed. Thankfully, an excellent physiotherapist and Pilates instructor means a good rehab plan – hopefully my ankle will almost be as strong as it was before the injury. In the meantime, one-legged squats and calf raises everyday.


10. Game of Thrones. I’m obsessed. It took Tom two seasons, but now he’s obsessed, too. And since we’ve now finished the third season, I’m now obsessing over Emilia Clarke while I’m waiting for the fourth season to start.


What were you grateful for in the month of August?

Yours Fairly,




  1. Emma
    September 5, 2013 / 12:42 PM

    Thank you for Number 4 lovely :)
    I love doing your nails!

    That red is amazing on you.


    • Ashlee
      September 5, 2013 / 12:45 PM

      Thank you! :) I love that red, it’s so awesome! xxx

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