redress [rɪˈdrɛs]

vb (tr)

1. to put right (a wrong).

2. to correct or adjust (esp in the phrase redress the balance).


1. the act or an instance of setting right a wrong.

2. compensation, amends, or reparation for a wrong, injury, etc.

3. relief from poverty or want.


Style icon Olivia Palermo has an insane ability to dress with impeccable polish. And she is a master of layering. In honour of her visit to Australia this week, I’ve put together a fair recreation of this look, which is perfect for cooler weather as we transition into Spring and Autumn/Fall.

Olivia Palermo Collage1. Shirt by L’Herbe Rouge (from fashion-conscience) / 2. Poncho by Komodo / 3. Sunglasses by Replay Vintage (from Fashioning Change) / 4. Jeans by Monkee Genes / 5. Bag by NV London Calcutta6. Shoes by Nisolo


1. L’Herbe Rouge Sustainable Denim Style Shirt available online for £69.60GBP (on sale!)

A chambray shirt in medium-blue is a wardrobe staple that stays current from season-to-season. Also seen on Alexa Chung and Miranda Kerr.

L’Herbe Rouge is a French label that focuses on the environmental and social impact of their business to produce ethical garments.

Ethical credentials: Made with transparency, according to Fair Trade principles.

2. Komodo Arama soft cable knit wool poncho available online for €108.00.

Hand knitted with merino wool from non-mulesed live stock.

Komodo garments are made in factories located in Bali, Kathmandu, or Lithuania – some factories have supplied to Komodo since they begun in 1988.

Ethical credentials: Made with transparency in fair trade arrangements; otherwise certified (Made-By).

3. Replay Vintage Better Than Parker Black Sunglasses available online for $64.00USD.

Replay Vintage source deadstock from eras past – the 1970s to 1990s.

The shape of this particular pair of sunglasses is incredibly versatile; these sunglasses will flatter oblong, oval, and round face-shapes.

Ethical credentials: Vintage

4. Monkee Genes Cigarette Jean in Bamboo Washed Denim available online for £65.00GBP.

I’ve already written about Monkee Genes. They create their jeans with “no blood, no sweat, and no tears”….And they create plenty of them. There are six styles to choose from, in every colour imaginable.  I already own a pair of their skin fit jeans in indigo and I’m looking to add this supa-skinny in classic blue wash to my wardrobe.

Ethical credentials: Made with transparency; otherwise certified (Soil Association, GOTS).

5. NV London Calcutta Brigette Mini Overnighter available online for £75.00GBP.

I love this bag! I love the classic monochrome paired with on-trend quilting and I love the boxy shape. The size is perfect for everyday use and for travel. Most of all, I love NV London Calcutta’s business model; “We don’t ask that you compromise your social or style standards. We wouldn’t. We quite simply bring you an ethical alternative to the things you love and an opportunity for a brighter, more secure future.

Ethical credentials: Made with transparency by a Fair Trade organisation in a fair trade arrangement in Calcutta.

6. Nisolo Mendez Flat available online for $98.00USD.

Handmade in Peru by artisans specialising in shoemaking.

The Nisolo team created their business after working in a Peruvian microfinance organisation that empowered impoverished women in starting their own businesses. There, the team witnessed first-hand the positive impact that a fair, stable income can have on a worker, their family, and the wider community. The team were inspired – and Nisolo was born!

Ethical credentials: Made with transparency in a fair trade arrangement in Peru.

Who do you look to for style inspiration? 

Yours Fairly,



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