Last week I wrote about some of the many Fairtrade coffee options to buy to drink at home. And… you can also buy Fairtrade coffee when you’re out!

Increasingly, lots of local cafes are choosing to use Fairtrade coffee beans -if your local cafe is Fairtrade, let me know in the comments, below! If you don’t have a ‘local’, look out for some of the following coffee chains that sell Fairtrade coffee.

Ethical credentials: Fairtrade

1. Jean Pierre Sancho

With three inner Perth locations (Hay Street, St Georges Terrace, and Williams Street in Northbridge), Jean Pierre Sancho is a convenient stop if you work in the city or are looking for a central location to meet a friend. And it’s delicious. Don’t just take my word for it – Jean Pierre Sancho was voted 2012 Best Bakery in Australia. Test the French influence and try a macaroon with your coffee. Or grab a sandwich made with bread that’s baked in house.



Image from The Food Pornographer

2. San Churro

There are many San Churro stores around the country – 7 in WA.

Renowned for its chocolate-based desserts and drinks, the coffee is equally good. Especially since San Churros went Fairtrade last year.


Photos of Chocolateria San Churro, Mandurah
Image from TripAdvisor

3. Jamaica Blue

Jamaica Blue is my personal favourite. With fifteen stores in WA, there’s one in most major shopping centers. They don’t charge extra for soy milk (yay!) and just recently I had the best tasting coffee of my life (no exaggeration) from Jamaica Blue in Belmont. But your coffee won’t be made with the Fairtrade blend unless you ask for it – Jamaica Blue have three blends on offer and the default used isn’t Fairtrade. So be sure to ask for your coffee to be made with the Fairtrade blend when you order.

jamaicabluelogo 2


Images from Jamaica Blue

4. Hudsons Coffee

At the airport? Need coffee to help you get through a flight/recover from a flight? Like Jamaica Blue, Hudsons have a few coffee blends, so you’ll need to ask for your coffee to be made with Fairtrade when you order.


hudsons coffee

Images from Hudsons Coffee

5. Wild Bean Cafe

Need coffee on the road? Okay, petrol station coffee does not have the best reputation for quality. But there are times where caffeine takes priority over taste. And when those times arise, Wild Bean (a.k.a. the cafe in BP petrol stations) is a good option – they have been 100% Fairtrade since 2008. Talk about being before the curve! Despite the reputation, the one coffee I’ve tried from Wild Bean actually wasn’t bad! It was no Jean Pierre Sancho but it certainly wasn’t dishwasher water, either. :)

04466 pic 021.tif

Image from BP

I hope these suggestions help give you some direction! Especially for that morning when you’ve woken up late and are wandering around, frazzled, in search of coffee.

Yours Fairly,




  1. Fiona
    August 31, 2013 / 7:20 PM

    City Farm Cafe!
    I asked if they were fairtrade, and after some confusion and the question going back and forth between the waitress and barrister, a girl in the kitchen shouted out ‘YYEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!’
    :) made my day

    • Ashlee
      September 1, 2013 / 11:17 PM

      Fi, that is so awesome! Another reason for me to try City Farm cafe, SOON! We must catch up there :)

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