Today, a friend asked me,”why are you carrying a metre wide book?”
I replied,”it’s a long story.”

Yes, I love Dad jokes. Almost as much as I love Dads. So it makes perfect sense that I absolutely love celebrating Dads on Fathers’ Day. My favourite gifts to receive are lovely, thoughtful, and useful gifts that I wouldn’t necessarily buy myself. What better way to celebrate Dad than buying him a special gift that’s all of things, and also fairly made?

Fathers’ Day in Australia this year is on 1 September. Grab these gifts online now in time for delivery in the next fortnight.

Father's Day Collage

1. Card from New Internationalist Shop / 2. Mug from Oxfam / 3. Coaster from Oxfam / 4. Coffee from Oxfam / 5. Stationary Set from Oxfam / 6. Desk calendar from Ten Thousand Villages / 7. Belt by Nisolo / 8. iPad case from Connected Goods


1. Himalaya Mountain Pop-Up Card (pack of 6, 2 designs) from New Internationalist Shop available online for $12.00AUD.

No matter the gift, a beautiful card with a thoughtful message will go a long way. Depending on your budget, one of these cards is perfect as an accompaniment to your gift, filled with a lotto ticket, or on its own!

Ethical credentials: Handmade from Fair trade Nepalese lokta paper by a Fair Trade Organisation


Put together a gift basket made up of a coffee mug, coaster and coffee. Make it easy for yourself and buy the whole lot from Oxfam. On 1 September, buy up a local newspaper and add it to the box for a gift Dad can relax with on Fathers’ Day morning.

2. Fair Ceramic Mug with Handle and Grey Splash available from Oxfam online or in store for $6.95AUD.

This mug is also available with a red or blue splash. And there are lots of other styles to suit your Dad’s taste.

3. Teak coaster available from available from Oxfam online or in store for $6.95AUD.

4. Colombian Instant Coffee available from Oxfam online or in store for $59.95AUD for 1kg (smaller packets available from $5.00AUD).

Choose the coffee to suit your Dad’s taste; instant, ground, beans. Single origin, blend, decaf.

Something Different? Empty Pocket Traders is a UK-based retailer Fairtrade coffee subscriptions – a different gourmet Fairtrade coffee delivered to your Dad’s door every month. Subscriptions start £5.75GBP a month. At the moment, there isn’t an option on their website to post to Australia, but I contacted the lovely team who told me that they would post to Australia for £3.00GBP per month! A creative gift for a Dad who likes to try different coffees… Wonderful!

Ethical Credentials: Made by a Fair Trade Organisation (2, 3), Fairtrade (4)


5. 4 Piece Stationary Set from Oxfam online or in store for $54.95AUD. 

A classic set that’s an elegant choice for a Dad-in-law who works in an office.

6. Desktop calendar from Ten Thousand Villages for $34.00CAD.

A beautiful wood and brass calendar… that you won’t have to throw out at the end of the year!

Ethical credentials: Made by a Fair Trade Organisation


When I say ‘oldies but goodies’ I mean the gift ideas, not the Dads.

7. Leather belt by Nisolo (in steel or oak) available online for $35.00USD.

Whether for the office, the worksite, or for casual wear, Dads always need a belt. Sooner or later, the current one will need replacing and a well-made leather belt never goes out of style… this one’s handmade by skilled artisans in Peru.

8. Fold-Over leather iPad case (in brown or black) from Connected Goods for $64.00USD.

This padded case is perfect for protecting devices. Made using cruelty-free leather (obtained from naturally deceased animals).

Ethical credentials: Handmade with transparency (7), Made by a Fair Trade Organisation (8)


Fathers' Day Collage 41. Travel chess set from Ten Thousand Villages for $40.00CAD / 2. Wood Dice Box from Connected Goods for $12.00USD / 3. Puzzle stack from Ten Thousand Villages for $22.00CAD

A fun gift idea. Even better? Spend some time with Dad and verse him in a game.

I hope this post gives you some inspiration for a gift that makes your Dad feel special AND helps improve the lives of others around the world. That’s what I call a gift that keeps on giving.Yours Fairly,



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