Do you ever have those moments when you realise you’re just like your parents? Every now and then, I have a sudden realisation that I’m just like my Mum. This happened most recently while I was drinking a cup of tea (which is not all that surprising, since I’m sure drinking tea makes you more insightful).

I remembered that, when I was a little kid, my Dad and I would tease my Mum about the amount of tea she drank. It was insane. She would use finishing a cup of tea as an excuse to make a cup of tea. We would look at her incredulously and exclaim, “but you just had a cup of tea!” Tea would bookend her day; drinking tea would be the first thing she did when she got up and the last thing she did before bed. Sometimes, drinking tea would even happen before she got up if we were generous enough to bring her a cup in bed. She was (and still is) very particular about how she takes her tea – it’s milky and super hot. This was a cause of much confusion to me when I was a kid. To be milky… it requires a lot of milk. But milk makes it cold… and she hates it cold. When I finally thought I’d mastered it (by dunking the teabag a couple of times only) she complained it wasn’t strong enough. A veritable mystery, indeed.

Well, the other day I finished a cup of tea and thought, right. Time to make a cup of tea. And it dawned on me – I got this from my Mama. In that same week, a friend looked in my pantry and commented that I had a lot of tea. Also, I saw this image and it really resonated with me:


Okay, I’m not pedantic with how I take my tea. But, suffice to say, I drink a lot of tea. Here are some tea brands which happen to be my Fairtrade favourites:

Ethical credentials: Fairtrade


What’s not to love about a tea with a big fat ‘FAIR’ on the packet?

1. Oxfam

Availability in Perth: Oxfam stores or online (and if you buy online now you get a free jar of chocolate spread… i.e. Fairtrade nutella. YUM).

Price: $4.50AUD for 50 bags, $5.95 for 100grams looseleaf, $7.95 for 100 bags, or $35.95AUD for 500 bags.

Range: Available in loose leaf or in bags. Black, Earl Grey, Forrest Fruit, Green, Lemon, Orange and Mango, or Rooibos.

2. Nerada Organics


Chai and Rooibos & Vanilla – perfect for sweet cravings before bed.


Availability in Perth: Coles stores and some IGA stores.

Price: Varies, depending on flavour and the store. Between $4.50AUD and $5.00AUD for 50 bags.

Range: Not all the flavours in the Nerada range are Fairtrade certified. Look for the symbol in the bottom right corner on the packet of these flavours- Chai, Rooibos & Vanilla, Original, Decaf Original, Green Tea, Green Tea & Lemon Myrtle, Decaf Green Tea, and White Tea. Others in the range are grown and packaged  in Australia.

3.  English Tea Shop


How cute is the branding? The packaging! And the name? English Tea Shop. I feel so quaint as I drink it.

I bought this thinking it was English Breakfast tea. Yes, I know. In my defence, I was coming down with a cold and wasn’t wearing my glasses. In any event, it was a happy accident because this is the best peppermint tea I’ve ever drunk. I usually find peppermint too overpowering, but this is just perfect. I’m looking forward to actually trying the English Breakfast flavour.




Availability in Perth: I bought this at Organic Selection at Coventry Markets in Morley. Please let me know if you see it anywhere else!

Price: $5.00AUD for 20 bags at Organic Selection.

Range: Like Nerada, not all the flavours in the English Tea Shop range are Fairtrade certified, but the major players are: Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Green Tea, Pomegranate, Rooibos, and of course, Peppermint.

4. Coles Fairtrade


Coles, let me just say this: go, you good thing. It makes me so happy to see a major store make an effort to produce their home-brand products ethically.

This is my go-to black tea. Readily available from my local Coles and super affordable.



Availability in Perth: Coles stores.

Price: $2.50AUD for 50 bags. Often on special for $2.00AUD.

Range: English Breakfast and Earl Grey.

What’s your tea of choice? 

In my humble opinion, Fairtrade tea is kinda the same thing as happiness. And, now it’s time for another cup of tea. Because I live on the edge and (sometimes) substitute tea with coffee, I’ll be reviewing Fairtrade coffee brands in a couple of weeks.

Yours Fairly,




  1. Janet
    August 30, 2013 / 6:32 PM

    Oh Ashlee ….. I can so picture this scene with your Mum, Dad and yourself ….. Whenever I have a cup of tea I think of her …. and those words of yours …. hot and milky. Such wonderful memories!

    • Ashlee
      August 30, 2013 / 7:45 PM

      Thanks, Janet! I too can never drink a tea without thinking of my Mum :)

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