Jeans are an item I really couldn’t do without. So you can imagine how happy I was when I came across a brand of jeans that boasted ‘No Slave Labour, No Child Labour, No Blood, No Sweat, No Tears’. The brand is UK-based Monkee Genes.


Ethical credentials: GOTS certified, Soil Association certified, Transparent, Made in the UK (some items).

But I’ve got to admit, as excited as I was about Monkee Gene’s ethical credentials, I was reluctant to buy a pair of jeans. One pair of jeans can fit very differently from another pair – even in the same size. In the past, I liked to try on jeans and test the fit before buying them. The most off-putting factor for me is that the jeans are unisex. Unisex! Seriously? I was super sceptical that the same pair of jeans could fit (and flatter!) girls and boys (ahem… what about the, um, crotch?).

It’s been about a year since I first spotted Monkee Genes. Last month I finally got the push I needed to buy a pair of Monkee Genes when I saw them on sale at ASOS  for just $39.42 (and they’re still on sale!!).



Images from ASOS

True to their name, they are like a second skin (read: tight!). In fact, they’re definitely tighter than the style of jeans I would usually buy (I usually prefer a straighter leg). When I tried them on, I wasn’t sure if I liked how tight they were and I even considered returning them and trying another style of Monkee Genes (they make classic, flare, skinny, supa-skinny, slim, and skin fit styles. The pair I bought on ASOS are labelled ‘skinny fit’ but I think they are actually the  ‘skin fit’ style rather than the ‘skinny’ style). Two factors stopped me from returning the jeans:

1. The comfort. These are by far the softest, most comfortable jeans I own. Remember earlier when I questioned how the a unisex pair of jeans could fit boys and girls? Well, somehow, these jeans fit girls just fine. Despite being super tight in the leg, they fit comfortably on the waistline. And the crotch? Not too low.

2. How awesome these jeans look when tucked into boots. You really can’t fault the way these skinnies tuck into boots – they tuck into my ankle boots without bunching and would also work great for riding boots.

The jeans are regular-rise, which I find more comfortable than low-rise. I also like the larger back pockets which create the illusion of a slimmer behind. I can’t wait to try some more of Monkee Gene’s jeans – there’s some more colours and styles (on sale) at ASOS here, here, and here.


Image from Monkee Genes

This weekend, I’ll share some images of how these jeans fit on a non-model (i.e. me).

hich style and wash do you look for in jeans? Dark skinny? Or do you prefer a straight, bootleg, or flare in a lighter wash?

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