These two – Acure Facial Cleanser and Brightening Facial Scrub (currently both on sale for $12.95US!) – are my first fairly traded beauty products and, boy, am I pleased to have found them!

I stumbled across them quite accidentally on iHerb.com while I was trawling for Fairtrade cacao (more on that later). As you may have realised from last week’s post, I’m quite the fan of puns – so I enjoyed the brand name: a-cure for your skin. I also happened to be quite close to running out of my usual cleanser exfoliant and it was good timing to make a switch!

Ethical credentialsFair Trade Certified (ingredients), Made in the USA


In addition to Fair Trade certification, the Acure range also boasts some other good points: cruelty free; paraben free; and 100% biodegradable, to name a few.


Acure Facial Cleanser

For oily to combination skin.

I’m really enjoying using this cleanser. My skin type is usually normal, except in winter when it tends towards combination. This cleanser is gentle and not drying… The ingredients are “antioxidant, soothing, and calming” according to Tara (you’ve gotta love having a best friend that’s a beautician! Lucky me! :)) And, it smells divine.

Brightening Facial Scrub 

For all skin types.

This is a really interesting scrub. The texture and colour… well, It’s BRIGHT GREEN. Not what I was expecting when I first squirted it out of the bottle. I must admit though, there is something very satisfying about smearing green paste all over your face. If greens are good for your skin when you eat them, greens must be good for your skin on the outside, too? Right?


Like the cleanser, this scrub is gentle. This is good, Tara reassures me, because harsh scrubs can do more damage than good. After a few minutes, the scrub begins to cake a little (I assume because clay is one of the ingredients) and needs a bit more water to lather. My skincare regime occurs in the shower so this is no biggie for me – nor will it be a problem if you’re more rapid in your routine than I am.

When I make a smoothie, I usually add a good handful of spinach. Once, I didn’t have any fruit so I made a smoothie using only spinach and chocolate protein powder. I got a bit overzealous with the spinach. The smell of this scrub reminds me of the smell of that smoothie – green with a slight hint of cacao. It isn’t a bad smell, it’s probably just not what you’re used to.

Despite the unusualness of this scrub, I am pleased with the results. True to the name, my facial skin has certainly been brighter since I started using this scrub two weeks ago. I will buy this scrub again and I am really looking forward to adding other products from the Acure range into my skincare regime.

How do you feel about green facial scrub?

Yours Fairly,



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